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Thanks, Simple for the Gift Bag!

I was so lucky to be part of the Makers Project this year. Simple is the sponsor and sent me a treat in the mail this week 🙂

Start Your Own Club on Campus!

Back to School was always one of my favorite times of the year. I love that day when all of the groups and clubs on campus set out their tables and invite you to join. In high school, I was on the dance team all four years. In fact, I was the team co-captain my… More »

10 Best Job Interview Hair Styles

A student emailed me yesterday asking if she should wear her hair up or down for interviews. My go-to style for interviews or business meetings is typically either straight and down, curly but not “out of control”, or top knot. Here are some of my favorite Pinterest Pictures from my IQ BEAUTY Pinterest Board. Which… More »

Photo Of The Day – From Cabo Over the Summer!

Remembering my time in CABO in June – wishing I was still there!

10 Ways To Deal With Peer Pressure This Year

Peer pressure isn’t something that only middle school and high school kids have to deal with. We all deal with peer pressure on a daily basis – no matter what age we are. This week I was at a birthday dinner and everyone ordered a drink with their dinner. I’m not a fan of drinking… More »

Nasty Gal Look Book Fall 2012

I’m a huge fan of Nasty Gal (although I feel strange saying the brand of clothes). Here are some of my favorite pieces from the new catalog!

Photo Of The Day: Working To Work Out!

Working out and I go through phases – luckily – today I went for a run and it was amazing!!

4 Big Social Media MISTAKES!!

We all hear about social media day in and day out. Did you see my pics on Facebook? Did you Tweet me? Have you seen her Pinterest board? While it’s great to be involved and learning how to best use each network, you want to make sure that you don’t make any mistakes that could… More »

5 Reasons To Read Lauren’s Internship Book ASAP

As many of you know there is lots of energy behind my new book, ALL WORK NO PAY, for Back To School 2012. Someone recently asked me for the top reasons a young person should read my book. I enjoyed that question and had plenty to say (of course!). Here are a few reasons why… More »

Photo Of The Day: Mens Sunglasses

I’m really into sporting Men’s Sunglasses – I love the oversized look. Check out these oversized Ray Bans.

Photo Of The Day: Before IQ Party!

Checkin out my hair before the Intern Queen Party!! This was a last week in NYC!

5 Quick Fixes For A Bad Day

Visit Your Local Bookstore or Barnes and Noble. It might sound crazy but just walking around and looking at some of the business books and best sellars inspires me…

Buzznet Exclusive: Lauren Berger’s High School Fashion

Hey guys,

For some reason, looking cool and having all the top trends seem to be something that is stressed in high school. Here are some of my high school fashion memories and advice and…

Spotlight: Khloe Kardashian’s Office

Khloe is perhaps my favorite of the Kardashian sisters. She understands balance, speaks her mind, and is very comfortable in her own skin. Her ability to “tell it like it is” even when it’s “not that great” – is admirable. As you all know, I work from home, and I’m obsessed with the idea of… More »

5 Time Management Tips For Busy Bees

We all have off weeks, as do I. The best things we can do when we feel “off” – especially at work – is evaluate how we spend our time. I’m a big…

Back To College Fashions For 2012

With fall right around the corner, I’m inspired everywhere. I try to make all of my looks versatile so they can work for school, the office, or play. Check out some of the looks that are inspiring my wardrobe this fall. What do you think?

Favorite Picture From New York!

This was taken after one of my book signing events – this is my brother, Jonathan, friend, Rori, and friend, Heather – we had a ball taking that poster all around town!

Intern Queen Party Pictures!

Here are a few favorite pictures from my Intern Queen Party in NYC last week! Enjoy!

6 Ways To Land A Job In Entertainment

So you want to land a job in the entertainment business? It’s a tough field but I’m sure you already know that. Before I started my business, I actually worked at a talent agency,…

Buzznet Exclusive: Lauren Berger’s High School Memories

Hey guys, Summer was fun but all good things must come to an end and thanks to school summer will do just that. Be excited, it is time to turn a new page and make new friends! In honor of Back To School season I have answered a few questions about MY high school memories… More »