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Photo Of The Day

If only I had the guts to wear these! Saw these today at Nordstrom. How could I NOT take a pic?

Lauren Berger’s Buzzmaker Chalk Board Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago I did a Back To School “Chalkboard” themed shoot. I was asked to write words that describe me now and words that described me in school on the chalkboard. Of course I had to write NSYNC (who wouldn’t?) and words like “Dance” – as I was a proud member of my… More »

Photo Of The Day

On of my “Intern Queen Campus Ambassadors” suggested this outfit combo for an upcoming event called CollegeFest that takes place in Boston every year ( I really love this look and plan to wear it over the weekend. Everyone needs a great pair of colored skinny jeans, a jean top (you can wear it in… More »

11 Ways To A Productive Morning

I was never a morning person. Until recently, I was the person who pressed the snooze button 100 times (well, maybe 10). I changed my outlook on waking up early a few weeks ago. Here are some ways I make sure my mornings go a long way!

Photo Of The Day

Coolest blazer I saw from Fashion Week Coverage… me fashion inspiration!!

Favorite Weekend Photo!

I spent the weekend and part of last week in San Diego. Saturday night I watched a gorgeous sunset on Mission Beach – this is my favorite pic!

The Must Have Office Supplies!

As we know, I love everything desk and office supply related. Here are a few of my favorite office supplies! What do you think??!

Reasons Why Lauren Berger Loves Rebel Wilson Of Pitch Perfect

Last week I attended an amazing screening of Pitch Perfect, a movie I’ve been dying to see! I mean any movie with singing and dancing is going to catch my eye, but I knew…

Is the Mail-Out Newsletter Back In Style?

Over the weekend, I recived a newsletter in the mail from my CPA, who is from an older generation. The only mail-out newsletters I still get are from my CPA and from my summer camp (ha!). What I thought was interesting was that I actually opened the envelope, saw it was a newsletter, and continued… More »

9 Ways To Land A Job At MTV!

In honor of the VMAs, I decided to put together a blog for all of you who would die to work at MTV. I actually interned at MTV (MTV Radio) while I was in college. The experience was amazing and I learned so much about the entertainment and music industries. Here are 9 ways to… More »

Lauren Berger’s Ideal 2012 VMAs

This Thursday is the MTV VMAs, I can’t wait!! Buzznet asked me to answer a few questions based on the VMAs, check them out and see who I want to win!


Lauren Berger’s Ideal 2012 VMAs

This Thursday is the MTV VMAs, I can’t wait!! Buzznet asked me to answer a few questions based on the VMAs, check them out and see who I want to win!


Songs For The Haters

Everyday we have highs and we have lows. My dad always tells me to remember the good days because there WILL be bad days. On the bad days, you remember the good days to keep you moving, motivated, and inspired. I worked with my team to put together a list of songs that we like… More »

Lauren Berger Shares Her Personal Instagram Pictures!

I haven’t uploaded any of my Instagrams – thought I’d share that part of my life here! Follow me on Instagram @internqueen 🙂

Ways To Get Ahead At School This Year

Even though I’m not technically still in school – I still get so excited for back to school and everything that comes along with this time of year. In fact, this weekend I caught myself telling a friend that I was going “Back To School” shopping! I wanted to put together a list of ways… More »

Dealing With Mean Girls…Because There Will Always Be Mean Girls

As the new school year rolls around we know we all have to deal with certain people who just aren’t very nice. Call them “mean girls” or “mean guys” or “bullies”, they are always around and always up to no good. When I was in school, I had my encounters with certain people who weren’t… More »

BUZZNET Exclusive: UM! Brands Locker Decorations Giveaway

I am always looking for ways to stay organized, find a place for everything, and of course – stay stylish and colorful. I was so excited when an opportunity came along to partner…

Homeschooled? Stay Positive and Social!

I love hearing stories from students who are homeschooled. They have such unique experiences and being that I went to public school – I find the stories fascinating! One question I’m always asked is, “How can I make sure to stay social and feel “included” while homeschooling?” In this blog, I set out to answer… More »

Make Your Next Meeting Your Best Meeting

As an entreprenuer, I try to be very careful with my time. Over the years, I’ve learned how important time is and how important it is to spend work hours building relationships that make sense. A few weeks ago, I had a meeting that drove me crazy. The person requested a meeting with me, I… More »

Spotted: My Book in Del Mar!