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Lauren Berger Speaks Up For Intel!

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak at an event for INTEL. They called the event a “celebration in tablet innovation”. This was an opportunity for Intel to showcase their new chip, ATOM, that powers a new line of convertible tablet products that will be released end of October. I spoke to the audience… More »

How To Get A Job At A Fashion Magazine

Most young women would do anything to work for a popular fashion magazine – like a SEVENTEEN or a TEEN VOGUE. Since I have relationships with both of these magazines and several others, I thought a blog on how to get a job with these magazines would be useful. Here are a few helpful hints… More »

Lauren Berger: This Or That Questions

This week Buzznet asked me some fun “this or that” questions! I had a blast filling these out, and you can see all my answers below! Who’s CD do you want, Green Day or…

BUZZNET Exclusive: Earloomz Bluetooth Headset Giveaway!

As someone who is always on the go and traveling, I definitely need something super easy to use and reliable when trying to talk on the phone. Communication is huge part of our everyday…

9 Quick Packing Tips For Any Girl On The Move!

I’ve spent the majority of the summer in Los Angeles at home with my friends – it’s been so nice being in one place! Well today, that’s all about to change as I prepare for my hectic travel and tour schedule in October. I’ll keep you posted as I’m in a new city every few… More »

Check Out These Must-Have Umbrellas!

An umbrella is an essential item for anyone traveling to and from the workplace, meetings, or school. Most of us don’t have a favorite umbrella so when it rains we are stuck getting drenched or borrowing mom and dad’s ugly old umbrella. Here are some of my favorite umbrella picks for this year. Which do… More »

My Favorite Emmy Moments

Living in Los Angeles, my friends all have super cool jobs. Many of them work in the industry and were at the Emmys last night or at least went to party hop with the stars. I watched in comfy clothes with a pizza from Papa Johns and couldn’t have been happier. Since I’m an avid… More »

The Blogs I Read Every Morning

I’m pretty obsessed with tablets and I really enjoy the PULSE application. It enables me to quickly read through all of the news headlines from a ton of my favorite blogs. Here are some of my top reads for every-day. Typically, I check these sites twice per day and can rely on great content, interesting… More »

Lauren Berger On National Single’s Week

Hello there! As some of you may know, this week is National Single’s Week. Instead of pouting, I think it’s better to take a fun spin on it! So Buzznet sent me a super fun…

9 Reasons Why People Need Starbucks

My generation is constantly criticized for a variety of things. “They” say that we lack motivation and passion. We want to participate but we don’t want to excel. I disagree, I think our generation is powerful. When I think about how I got from where I was to where I am now, one place is… More »

These Bracelets Are the Hottest College Trend!

One of my interns came to me the other day to tell me how excited she was about the latest college trend at the University of Delaware – Alex And Ani Bracelets. She told me they were everywhere! I did some digging and sure enough – these bracelets are the “must have” item for every… More »

Photo Of The Day: Prepping For Video Interview

I did a great video interview yesterday with the Levo League Website – had a great time!

Photo Of The Day: Another Pack!

Rats! I just found this awesome tribal pack on!!

Turn Your Idea Into A Business

This blog is inspired by some fan mail I recived earlier this week. I got a letter from a young woman going to school in California. She has a business idea and wanted to know how she can turn it into a business. She specifically asked for advice on how I turned my idea into… More »

Photo Of the Day: Movies On The Rooftop!

My friend and I co-chair the UCF Los Angeles Alumni Group. We hosted a geat event last night at the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills. Over the summer they have a movie series on the roof! We ate great food, enjoyed the view, and watched the Usual Suspects! I really recommend this for people in… More »

Obsessed With These Backpacks!

We’ve all had our share of backpacks over the years. I remember in middle school when the mini-backpacks were in style. I think mine was from 5-7-9 – remember that store? In high school, I got a smaller backpack from American Eagle that was black with bright orange litning- I thought it was SO cool!… More »

Should We Take Email Off Our Phones?

Two weeks ago I was sitting on the beach with friends and within 5 minutes of our arrival a tidal wave went over our heads, into our bags, and got us soaking wet…

Best Celebrity Sock Buns!

The sock bun has become the official go-to hairstyle for the office, classroom, or red carpet. My team has noticed sock buns popping up across college campuses nationwide. Personally, the sock bun in my go-to look whenever I’m going to meetings and on the move. I looked through some of my favorite celebrity sock bun… More »

Lauren Berger’s Week in Press!

It’s been a great week and we had a ton of great articles, blogs, and features floating around. Check out some of our favorite press clippings from the week!

Business Trend: Clothing Store Meets Hair Salon

I’m always very interested in the average consumer -specifically milennials and Gen Y. How do we shop? Where do we shop? What do we buy? How do we like to buy it? These questions always…