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Lauren Conrad Has Lunch and Since It Was Filmed, It’s Newsworthy

Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, the two buddies from “The Hills” are filming a scene for their reality series, which their former boss at Teen Vogue has revealed that she’s never watched. The two were recently released from their internship at the magazine, with the Editor-In-Chief of the magazine Amy… from

Lauren Conrad’s new digs

So, I guess reality TV pays, eh? Dear ‘ol LC moved into her new pad recently…

Lauren Conrad visits her new $2.5 million Hollywood home…

Lauren Conrad’s best looks of 2007

‘Hills’ girl and aspiring fashion designer Lauren Conrad and her 10 best looks of the year!

The Hills: more fakery

Is fakery a word? I don’t know, but I sure like it.

LC and Heidi Montag play enemies on “The Hills,” but…

Lauren Conrad’s line + Heidi’s Birthday

Saturday, ‘The Hills’ Lauren Conrad debuted her line of laid-back day-to-night wear online. You can check them out here.


  • Is the fact that the site model is a…

Marc Jacobs picks Lauren Conrad

Remember when I interviewed Lauren Conrad (The Hills) and she said Marc Jacobs was one of her favorite designers? No? Well, she did— so now just how stoked…

Teen Choice Awards 07!

I was so busy looking at photos of what all the celebs wore to the event that I almost forgot to check who actually WON. Fear not, I have recovered from my fashion-coma:

<div style="text-align:…

The Hills recap: The poetic Justin Bobby + “Surprises”

Season 3, Episode 2: I am happy to report this episode was GOOD! Highlights:

– The poetic (“truth and time tells all“) and aspiring shampoo model, Justin Bobby. …

Monday Buzz 8/20

Sporty Spice is layin’ down the law. (seriouslyomg)

Adam Levine a$$holeness. (POTP)

Lindsay wants to revive her music career. I kinda forgot she had one. (Evil Beet)

He said, she said with celeb babies….

Breesays interviews Lauren Conrad!

Not only is tonight the season premiere for The Hills: Season 3, I also have taught myself (with help from Panasonicyouth) to edit well enough to fix up the <span…

Breesays interview ‘The Hills’ Lauren Conrad

Favorite designers, least fav trend, LA vs. OC, and reality star vs. role model.

Breesay Vblog: The Hills, OMG, I MET THEM!

Haha. Good times.

Tuesday Buzz 8/7

Lily Allen banned from working in the US. (POTP)

If it werent for favorable editing, we would hate Lauren Conrad? No, I don’t buy it. (Allieiswired)

Community OK with…

Monday Buzz 8/6

Winning Project Runway gets you… nowhere? (POTP)

Mena Suvari where did your hairs go?! (IBBB)

Lindsay Lohan’s Elle Mag feature. Somewhere, she is inserting her foot in her…

The Hills: Almost Alive

Monday, August 13th at 10:00 PM ET/PT! The best worst TV is BACK!

Let’s go get the gossip going in The…

Monday Buzz 7/23

Oh Britney, why such language? Do you kiss your mother with that– oh wait, you have a restraining order against Mama Spears. (Yeeeah)

Soccer bores Suri Cruise. (The Dirty Disher)

Lauren Conrad broke Brody…

The Hills: Season 3 Trailer

Yes! Evil Beet delivered the goods today! The best worst TV show is coming BACK! How excited are we to make fun of it again?

Heidi Uninvited

Oh Heidi, we love to hate you but is there no stunt you’re above pulling? JordanIsYourHomeboy posted this Hills drama bit, via Us Magazine:

<span style="font-style: italic;"…

Thursday Buzz 5/17

How are they deciding that Paris is getting a shorter sentence for good behavior, before she’s even gone to jail?! (IBBB)

The Olsen Twins are going to be Bond girls!…

Thursday Buzz 4/19

ABC Psychiatrist says showing the VT Murderer on TV was a “Social Catastrophe.” Damn straight.

That Hills sex tape is real… but boring? (Dlisted)

Academic Social…