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Great Music For The Great Gatsby

My saucy kittens, I have got a treat for your ears! As per usual, I was prowling aroung the world wide web for inspo and news when I happened upon some tasty tidbits…

Lana Del Rey’s Spanish-inspired Style for L’Officiel Paris

“Born to Die” star, Lana Del Rey, recently took on a very Spanish-inspired style for the April cover story of L’Officiel Paris. With creative direction by Adrien Pelletier, she wears looks from the likes of Ralph Lauren Collection, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Rochas styled by Vanessa Bellugeon in Nicole Nodland’s sunny and romantic images.

Style Profile: Lana Del Rey

Sometimes when I burrow deep into the cozy blankets of my conspiracy theories (mostly shapeshifting reptilians, sometimes JFK stuff, etc), I start to think that perhaps there are certain figures, namely musicians, that are completely constructed by the fashion world to be beacons of style and light: to pose for their magazines, to wear all… More »

Manga-Inspired: Lana Del Rey for Numéro Tokyo

Lana Del Rey recently posed in a manga inspired spread for the March issue of Numéro Tokyo. The shoot, photographed by Mariano Vivanco (with styling by Miranda Almond), features Lana in a colorful backdrop…wearing looks by some of the greats (including Chanel, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli and Prada). I must say, I’m loving the brunette’s hair… More »

Lana Del Rey gets manga-inspired for Numéro Tokyo!

If you know me, even briefly, you’ll know that I adore Miss Lana! So you can imagine my face when I came across this editorial. One word comes to mind, wowzers! I’ve always loved lana’s style, there is no doubt that I’d love to have her wardrobe and stylist for a day, especially for this… More »

Playlist: Relaxation for Bedtime

When lying in your bed at night, after a long, busy, stressful, day going to bed can be hard with so many thoughts rambling through your head. When this happens to me, what tends to…

Music Monday: Lana Del Rey.

I’m pretty postive everyone who has ears has heard her music, and I am not complaining one bit.

Music Monday: Lana Del Rey.

Over this Christmas break, I decided to listen to one artist I have never…

Lana Del Rey on the red carpet at the EMA’s!

Lana Del Rey(Elizabeth Woolridge Grant) walked down the red carpet at this years EMA’s in Frankfurt on the 11th, looking, in my opinion, as elegant and as beautiful as ever! I love this shade of blue on her, it’s oh so very royal! This is certainly the perfect dress for the red carpet! I’ve always… More »

20 Celebs Who Rock Pastel Locks

Colored hair is a trend we have been seeing a lot of this past year. From dip-dye to chalking to going full on pastel, I love it all! Coloring your hair can give you a different look and you can express yourself however you want. You can be daring, bold, crazy or classy! I LOVE… More »

Lana Del Rey Is White Hot In The Winter H&M Campaign

Lana Del Rey stays running that retro sultry pin-up girl vibe, and I’m not mad at it. Especially not when she’s posed seductively near a covered up car in a bunch of images showcasing the Winter 2012 H&M collection, which is full of mod vibes (think parkas, over-sized sweaters, and tight, tight pants). The sexy… More »

Four New Unreleased Lana Del Rey Tracks!

After Lana Del Rey released a cover of Blue Velvet for her H&M commercial, quite a few unreleased tracks meant for her next album, “Born To Die—The Paradise Edition” were leaked. They include: Damn…

15 Things You May Not Know About Lana Del Rey

In honor of Lana Del Rey‘s 26th birthday today, I’ve complied a list of 15 facts that you may or many not have known about the “Born To Die”…

Bands To Buzz About: Summer 2012

Summer will be here before we know it! It seriously already feels like it here in NYC. If you’re looking for new music to fill up your iPod I have a…

BEST And WORST Dressed At The Met Gala!

The Met Gala took place in NYC last night, for those of you who don’t know… this is the Grammy’s of fashion! The best of the best. There was a lot of amazing fashion as well as horrid! My BEST dressed list goes to Carey Mulligan in Prada, Jessica Alba in gold pleats, Lana Del… More »

Yes, It’s True – Lana Del Rey Will Feature On Cheryl Cole’s New Album.

In what may be the weirdest collaboration news since Queen’s legendary Brian May featuring on the less-than-legendary N-Dubz member Dappy’s solo single, Cheryl Cole confirmed the…

Ashlee Holmes April Playlist

Yo! Check out the playlist that I made for the month of April! The playlist is made up of 50 tracks including some new additions to my iPod that some of you may or not have have heard of yet such as Ben Howard, Two Door Cinema Club, Kevin Daniel & Birdy. Comment on your… More »

Porcelain Black Marries Model Bradley Soileau?!

So I found this news out and wanted to know the truth so I looked it up and came across this instagram photo and tweet: “To everyone who’s confused, yes, me and @PorcelainBlack are…

Did Lana Del Rey Get Lip Injections?

Whether it’s a bee on her lips or a diamond in her mouth, the buzz is all around on style icon indie signer, Lana Del Rey‘s lips. Often compared to…

Style Icon: Lana Del Rey

Whatever you have heard about her, my advice is to listen to the music then make your own judgments. Before I even knew who she was I was told about a new singer whose daddy is rich and who has had a ton of facework done. After hearing that I didn’t pay much attention to… More »

Lana Del Rey Captured By Ellen Von Unwerth For Lovecat Magazine

Whether you love her or you hate her, Lana Del Rey is kind of winning at life right now. Yes blah blah she sucked on SNL and sure her lips look weird and yeah that breathy baby voice singy thing she sometimes does is really annoying, BUT her album went number on iTunes in like… More »