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my Spring/Summer 09 collection

here is a shoot from a few days after i finished my spring/summer 09 collection! :] Amber is such an amazing model! I’m shooting this monday with Amber again for my NEW Collection that I will be showing next month at LA Fashion WEEEEEEK! yayy

Pret-A-Porter In Paris

This weekend was my little brothers birthday partyyy! He turned 14 :] happy birthday Joey,LOVEYOUU.


On Friday Jan 30th Li Cari will be part of the Pret-A-Porter fashion event in PARIS! I’m so excited. My clothing…



I really love how the fashion industry can connects with music and art. During this journey I have met so many amazing creative people. For my…

all in Li Cari

Li Cari model Khristynne,designer Jazmin Whitley,Actress Aimee Teegarden,Host Morgan Weirch [all wearing Li Cari at LA Fashion Week]

behind the scenes

I wanted to share the part of my job that you don’t always get to see! Most people think being a Fashion Designer is all fun and glamourous but it gets crazy and hectic behind…

LA Fashion Week

this was from my LA Fashion Week spring/summer 09 show. aka the best day everrr :]

Love Fashion

Since this is my firrssst note on buzznet  :] :] :] I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself!

My name is Jazmin Whitley, I’m a FASHION designer && my clothing line is called Li…

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