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My Most Recently Liked Pictures On Tumblr!

I’m pretty sure that everyone and I mean everyone has or either has had at some point, a tumblr account! I’ve been using tumblr for the last couple of years now and I still love it! I follow so many different types of blogs on there, it’s such a great base! These are a few… More »

CITY THE KITTY HAS A CATNIP PROBLEM …… Got to get rid of those NUTELLA jars first :D

I don’t know if any of you ever heard of City the Kitty. He was featured on the show My Cat From HELL awhile ago and now he is a star !!! He was featured on BAD DOG Saturday night as one of the contenders for the baddest dog even though he’s a cat !!!… More »


Shiro is the new star of the cat videos, I love Maru but this cat can do things no other cat can do like keep his eyes closed for almost every video !! And he has many along with his 3 housemate kitties. I’ll post more of them they are so amazing and very cute… More »

Cat People by Kraft Zarcø

I want topresent you a beautifulyoung Russianphotographer andillustratorKraft Zarcø! He’s only 21 and live in Rostov on Don. In runethe became known for hisphotos,which show people withanimal heads.I reallylike cat people. Think it’s just genius! More of his photos you can found at his blog. Meow! i.e Enjoy! 🙂

Weekend: 03/30 – 04/01

Check out a few pictures of what I was up to this weekend. I don’t have many, these are all pretty much from Saturday night. I need to start taking more pictures. On Friday I had a nice business lunch at Swingers with my friends (and fellow Buzzmates) Jessi Jae Joplin, Hanna Beth, Renee Olstead… More »

Cat Inspired Outfits

Loving all these cat inspired outfits, MEOW! Check it out…

There’s a Grimlin in my sink

My kitty Grim loves hanging out in the bathroom… for some odd reason. As a matter of fact, he’s still in there right now! Whatcha doin’ in there Grimlin? Being a Gremlin?

Getting Crazy With Custom Hello Kitty Remix Dolls

We all know Hello Kitty has impeccable taste in shoes, but did you know just how versatile this kitty can be? These brand new model kits have just been unveiled that allow fans to build your very own Kitty and switch up her into several different characters. Taking a cue from the ever evolving and… More »

Enter The Locketship Kitty Contest I’m Judging!

Long story short my super talented friend Maria is having a Kitty contest for her line Locketship! Im the judge picking the cutest kitty, if you win you get…


I thought this was so cute and that it was time to post a video : D

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Dakota Fanning


Here are some interesting tidbits about Dakota that you may not know:


1. Dakota carries a book of baby names…

BLOG: Presque

It’s almost Spring!
I am so excited to see some color coming out of the woodwork!

What are some of your…

If You Don’t Like My Peaches Don’t Shake My Tree

Me and my kitty Waffle had a little photo party after my meeting today. Beanies are so great when you don’t…

Fish Eye Gone Wrong

I may be the only person who can manage to skrew up fish eye 35mm film. Not sure how it happened but it did. I…

Video Diary From Tokyolux Shoot

I took the camera to show you guys what the shoot was like from my point of view ♥

Photo Diary Turning Japanese


Harley Repellent

I cannot keep my heathen kitten Harley out of my Holiday Tree! So… I got water and a squirt bottle. Bring it Harley, bring it!

Rainbow Kitty Shirt

The rainbow kitty shirt is up on tokyolux for sale! The new line is trickling out withing the next week, keep your eyes peeles!

Sneak Peak At New Tokyolux

Kitty’s & Leopard & Foil & Glitter & Amazingness!

Hard Candy Poll

Which of these three looks do you want me to make a video tutorial for!?

A. Pretty Kitty