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Police Outsmarted by Cat. Not Cat BURGLAR. A Cat.

Anyone who owns a cat knows exactly how they can be.  Sometimes they are our favorite fuzzy companions who curl up next to us and demand attention, because, hey, stupid human, you are READING…


CRUSH OF THE DAY: Kitteh Roulette

While the allure of Chat Roulette is still strong (who wouldn’t jump at the chance to engage with random mostly male mouth-breathing strangers who listen to Insane Clown Posse and religiously watch the…

THIS IS TOPO GIGIO………I enjoyed this little mouse when I was young !!!

But he spoke English then, I used to watch him on the Ed Sullivan Show when I was growing up. I was hoping one of my friends on here that could translate this song into English.I was amazed at how calm these kittens seemed to be with this puppet !!!! OOP’s excuse me TOPO, I… More »

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