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Over The Top Or Overly Cute: Dyed Dogs

I have been seeing a lot of dip dyed and crazy pastel colors on everyone’s head these days! I think it’s so pretty and adds some fun to any hair color! I have also seen a lot of pets being dyed crazy colors and designs, some even to look like other animals! I found a… More »

Adventures Of Waffle: Day In The Life

Would you judge me If I told you how jealous I was of my own cat Waffle?

She kinda has the best life ever, down to being pampered, meditating, eating…

Meet Kim Kardashians New Kitten

Kim Kardashian’s new arm candy is named Mercy, the most perfect blue-eyed fluffball ever, even Waffle is jealous. As it turns out, Mercy was a gift from Kanye West of course. Ugh can I steal her? Also I don’t think holding a cat while your out an about like a dog is a good idea…… More »

My Top 20 Weekly Web Buys

My top 20 perfect shopping items this week range from kitten shoes, Barbie jumpsuits, gummy bear bottles, tassle backbacks and so much more! Doing these posts is always dangerous because I want to buy them all. WHICH ITEM IS YOUR FAVORITE?

Meet Kim Kardashian New Kitten “Mercy”

So at Buzznet we LOVE cats! We were super excited to hear that Kim Kardashian recently got a super cute new kitty named “Mercy.” She named the kitten after her boyfriend Kanye West’s song.…

Best Show Ever! Charli XCX At The Troubadour In Los Angeles

(Photo by Jasmine Safaeian via LA Record)

This past Friday night I was given the opportunity to have my socks knocked off by one of music’s newest It Girls: <a…

Must Go….Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise

Must go….Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise A mall called Venus Fort neat the Haneda airport in Japan has opened an indoor theme park called Hello Kitty Kawaii paradise and as you can guess, it’s designed for all the Hello Kitty lovers, having the world famous feline inspire everything from the space to the food to the… More »

Day 156: Happy 3rd Buzziversary To Me!!!

Oh Lordy, I was really really worried since I couldn’t enter here and I really don’t know why but the page said me it was not aviable and overloaded! I was like: OMG! It can’t…

Weekend: 03/30 – 04/01

Check out a few pictures of what I was up to this weekend. I don’t have many, these are all pretty much from Saturday night. I need to start taking more pictures. On Friday I had a nice business lunch at Swingers with my friends (and fellow Buzzmates) Jessi Jae Joplin, Hanna Beth, Renee Olstead… More »

Cat Inspired Outfits

Loving all these cat inspired outfits, MEOW! Check it out…

Happy Wednesday, Have a Tap Dancing Cat

Here at Buzznet, we really like cats. I mean, a lot. We also like rewarding you for making it halfway through the week. With that in mind, have 13 seconds of a cat tap dancing. You’re welcome.

To Say That I Love Kat Isn’t Enough!

So, this morning my postwoman knocked on my door and she said me there was a huge envelope for me, I was like: oh Goodness! Kat’s gifs! *_* And this is it!

I’m soooo soooo happy…

Halloween Inspiration: Cats In Costume!

How cute are these cats in their Halloween costumes?! I think they all look purrrrrfect 😉 Check it out! xx

Enter The Locketship Kitty Contest I’m Judging!

Long story short my super talented friend Maria is having a Kitty contest for her line Locketship! Im the judge picking the cutest kitty, if you win you get…

Say Hello to Grim

I just got a new kitty! I named him Grimlin. Isn’t he totally adorable? Who loves kittens? I do I do!!


I thought this was so cute and that it was time to post a video : D

Kitten Performs ‘Catholic Boys’ at Buzznet’s SXSW Party

Kitten, led by singer Chloe Chaidez, performs ‘Catholic Boys’ at Buzznet’s KISS ME DEADLY Party at the The PureVolume House during the 2011 SXSW Music Conference. Check out more photos of Kitten and the party on PureVolume and our gallery. Watch Kitten perform ‘Kitten With A Whip’ live on stage at the Pure Volume House… More »

Buzznet’s ‘Kiss Me Deadly’ SXSW Party!

Yay! I’ll be there as well 🙂

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If you’re going to be in Austin next week, please join us at the PureVolume house on Friday March…

Buzznet’s ‘Kiss Me Deadly’ SXSW Party!

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If you’re going to be in Austin next week, please join us at the PureVolume house on Friday March 18th from 2-8pm. We have a killer…

Anybody Headed to Austin Next Week? Check Out Buzznet’s ‘Kiss Me Deadly’ SXSW Party

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If you’re going to be in Austin next week, please join us at the PureVolume house on Friday March 18th from 2-8pm. We have…