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Friday Buzz 6/15

Kids + Money: Teens in Los Angeles. Watch it. (NY Times)

Kate Bosworth, getting better. (Seriouslyomg)

Oh, so men need their own chewing gum, eh? (Cool Hunting)

Nicole Richie…

Wednesday Buzz 5/16

Anna Nicole Smith is haunting Willa Ford? (seriouslyomg)

Sanjaya hangs with the drag queens. (POTP)

Jessica Alba is so cute. (tralala)

Kfed is just too boring for reality tv! Ha. (The Bosh)

Britney: “Thanks for the chromosomes, dude.”

Britney and KFed are finalizing the details of their divorce, and it looks like Kevin is makin’ out with $13 mil. Maybe this is why she fears going bankrupt? Anyway, MSNBC has her quoted as…

You’re Nobody ’til Somebody Hates You.

Since so many of you freaked out over the NME Awards results, I thought you might want to see this:This is from the March ’07 issue of Spin, the one with Fall Out Boy on…

TGIFriday Buzz 3/2

KFed doesn’t want Brit back? Sigh. Who will love her? (The Dirty Disher)Heroes is “comic book goodness for people who don’t like comics.” Yep. (Film.com)Madonna h8s on Victoria Beckham. (GabSmash)It’s Anna Nicole Friday over at…

Wednesday Buzz 2/28

How is it possible that I’m thinking positive about Kfed? (Fadedyouth)
The Onion A.V. Club interviews Greg Grunberg aka Matt Parkman on Heroes.P Diddy, punching at parties. Classy. (Yeeeah)Pneumonia killed Anna Nicole? (SOW)Paris Hilton got pulled…

Britney & KFed: Chaotic Again?

Just kidding. Well, kind of. It’s been a hella busy couple weeks for these two– and since there are rumors that Britney wants him back (*shudder*) lets revisit their screwy lives.Britney: -A couple weeks ago…

Thursay Buzz 2/1

Violet Garner Affleck is so freakin cute. (PopSugar)Lindsay’s in-rehab requests to Brody Jenner: McD’s and sex. (TBYLTH)Taco Bell wants KFed. (Ninjadude)Top Chef finale recap: Marcel is a jerk to the very end, Ilan tries to…

KFed Talks About Britney — Kinda

The former Mr. Spears had this “no comment” for our photog yesterday while he was Christmas shopping for himself …

Britney Spears see thru nipple slip

Britney Spears see thru nipple slip

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