45 Adorable Lock & Key Tattoos

Oooh la la, it’s already Tuesday, and it’s Tattoo Tuesday! The past two galleries have been infinity and feather inspired tattoos, but one thing I’m really in love with are keys, more specifically skeleton keys. I have a skeleton key-chain, and I love it. To me, it respresents secrets. Mhm, what do skeleton keys represent… More »

Kat Dennings Wants To Help You Never Lose Keys Again!

Don’t you just hate losing your keys? From your car keys to your house keys, it can be such a drag when you just can’t seem to find those…

The ‘JoeyBra’

Have you ever gone out and didn’t want to carry a purse with you so you just tucked your phone or keys into your bra? Well, two college students by the name of Mariah Gentry and Kyle Bartlow sure thought they could turn this into a product. According to their YouTube video, the “Joeybra” is… More »


I’m finally back!!!

I would apologize me with everyone for me absence but in these last weeks I had a lot of problems and I’ve been really busy, and at least my pc didn’t work again…

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