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Keltie Colleen attends the Philips Zoom x US Weekly Award Event in LA wearing NAVEN’s leopard circle Skirt and teal Bubble Sleeve Top!

thank you for the radical outfit. xx 

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WIN Keltie Colleen’s DIY Shoes From LAZR Tradeshow (VIDEO)

Hey everyone! I had such a great time DIYing Seychelles and BC Shoes at LAZR Tradeshow and I wanted to give YOU the opportunity to WIN them 🙂 Watch the video below…

Heartblog: We Broke Up, We Saw Eachother Again, Now What?

I’ve been chatting with a friend of mine who is going through a pretty epic breakup. (are there any other kinds?) I feel so sad for her that her heart is hurting so badly. I…

Keltie Colleen’s Favorite Covers In Pitch Perfect (VIDEO)

Rebel Wilson is my new favorite person. I loved her when I saw her at the VMAs last week, and then I went to see the movie Pitch Perfect. It’s like a mix between…

Keltie’s Guide To Layering Your Clothes For Fall!

I love fall. It’s when I can dress like a homeless potatoe sack in a million layers and it’s totally fashionable. I love fall fashion, the scarves and jackets and layers of knits. It’s just dreamy. (I sort of wish I was in NYC!) I put together a blog of my favorite layering looks to… More »


You all know that Free People is my most favorite store on the planet. I love the layers and boho chic clothing. Some of my favorite pieces are from Free People (and my most favorite brown boots of all time!) Free People just released their new lookbook and I love everything. It’s called Sweet Romance…. More »

Epic Video Game Tattoos

It’s national video game day which falls somewhere in my excitement between national pancake day and national Matt Nathanson day. I found these crazy video game inspired tattoos and I thought this was the perfect day to put them out. What do you think? Would you guys ever rock these? ps. I’m off to play… More »

Heartblog: National Suicide Prevention Week

I was so inspired by seeing everyone pull together for National Suicide Prevention Week. Today the focus is on “Changing the Stigmas of Mental Health” and I felt like this was my day to…

Keltie Colleen’s Review Of ‘For A Good Time Call’

So I just saw a screening of a movie For A Good Time Call… the movie’s about two girls who were college frenemies but become friends and start a phone sex hotline together. I know,…

Interviewing Celebs At The VMAS!

I was so excited to be working as the music correspondant for THE INSIDER at the VMAs this year! I wanted to share these amazing behind the scenes photos and also 5 things I saw/loved at the VMAS. #1- Watters CUSTOM made me my electric blue dress. CUSTOM. Like I was important. I was beyond… More »


I cannot believe that today I get to attend my FIFTH MTV VMAS! Wowzers. It’s blowing my mind that little old me has gone from watching the VMAs in her house in Canada, to dancing on the show twice, to attending, and now being the host/correspondant for a MAJOR NATIONAL TV SHOW at the awards,… More »


Since the VMA’s are tomorrow, and this time I will be attending on the other side of the world, as the host for The Insider on the carpet! I cannot believe it! I have an amazing dress made by Watters, and have my last fitting tomorrow. I’m not sure what I will be doing with… More »

FLASHBACK Photo Gallery

Most of you know I’ve been at home in Canada while my Dad has been in the hospital this week. I’m not really ready to blog about that yet, but I have had a few hours before bed each night to look through my old family photo albums and I found some pretty special gems!… More »

BUZZNET Exclusive: Keltie Interview BC Footwear At LAZR (VIDEO)

Yesterday we posted my video interview with Seychelles Footwear and today I chat with their sister friends BC Footwear. I love getting to know shoe designers and find out their inspirations behind their designs.…

BUZZNET Exclusive: Keltie Interviews Seychelles Footwear At LAZR (VIDEO)

Some people say handbags are a girls best friend, but I think SHOES are! When Dani, Hanna and I attended the LAZR Tradeshow, we had such a great time running through…

Check Out My Wedding Pinterest Board!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This weekend Swoon + I get to have our first meeting with our amazing wedding planner Tori from Sitting In A Tree Events, (check her out, you will die, also you should follow her on twitter because she posts the best stuff) anyways, I’ve been pinning to my pinterest board like a freak… More »

Concerts + Sweet Hearts: Weekly Photo Diary

What a fun week! Mostly because I got to meet some of you at The Cab show in Los Angeles! It was so fun! This week I had enought time off that I got to actually work on some pet projects of mine, book, a new website, moonbeams, and really get caught up. It was… More »

50 Of The Craziest FACE Tattoos Ever!

Whowtown. I was strolling and trolling through Tumblr this weekend and came across some crazy face tattoos! I think it’s so crazy to tattoo your face. Would you guys ever do it? IF you did what would you get? xx

Things I Know At 30.5 That I Wish I Knew At 20.5

Please enjoy a gallery, and some lessons, of things that I wish I knew at 20.5 that I now know at 30.5. xx.

HEARTBLOG: A Conversation With My Best Friend

I’m lucky to have the best friends on the planet, and I thought this conversation could be inspiring to all of you. xx 

Friend: “I watch you move mountains on a regular basis. I understand,…