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The funniest photo ever.

Does someone have a MP3 of this song? I’d like to hear it.

Halloween Parties Galore! My Weekly Photo Gallery

Hi all. I know some of you are stuck in your houses, while the hurricane passses through, and I’m sending all my love to everyone dealing with evacuations and hardships. During the storm in the east, I wanted to keep you guys busy by posting a really fun gallery of my favorite moments from the… More »

Heartblog: 16 Rules To Live By During A Hurricane And Always

1. Love the right person. You know in your gut what feels right and what feels wrong. If your relationship is more work than it is calm, it’s probably the wrong one. Don’t throw love…

Cute And Classy Halloween Costume Inspirations

I’m sure you all know that every year around Halloween the costumes tend to get shorter and tinier. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of them are so cute, I get that it’s all for fun, but there are other ideas too! Making costumes at home is the best way to come up with something… More »

The Craziest Halloween Nail Art

I was doing my morning search on Tumblr and ran across this crazy article by FLAVORWIRE about the craziest Halloween nail art. I thought I would share this with you because it is truly amazing. I don’t know how much candy I would be able to eat with these nails though! I just got invited… More »

Heartblog: The Velveteen Rabbit + Me.

My friend Erika got married last weekend and she had this read at her wedding. It moved me to tears because it is so true. IF you love it too, please share it with…

The Best Of Halloween High Fashion

I absolutely love Halloween! I think it is such a fun holiday, but after everyone grows up they seem to think that they’re “too old” for it! I think that’s ridiculous, so I decided to put together a gallery of high fashion Halloween costume ideas, to prove that it’s possible to look mature and elegant… More »

Halloween Make-Up Inspiration

So, I’m pretty much like “Party City” over here in my blog this week. We’ve got costumes, masks, tattoos, group costumes and now- here is the final piece the puzzle- your Halloween makeup inspiration! Since I still have no idea what I should go as for Halloween, I’m always thinking, maybe just some crazy makeup…. More »

Enter To Win The Shoppublix Giveaway!

I’ve made a new friend. It’s an online store called and they carry the best stuff at totally amazing prices (think Nastygal before Nastygal became SOOOOOOO over priced) I’ve been ordering…

Creative Halloween Mask Ideas

AHHHHHHHH!!!! EMERGENCY! I do not have a Halloween costume yet, and I also do not have any plans for a Halloween event. This is very sad considering I love costumes so much. I’m thinking that I will just craft myself a mask. I found these amazing ideas and am going to use them for inspiration…. More »

Heartblog: Hi. It’s Me. You Forgot Me.

If I could write to the kid I was before, 

I’d tell him you’ll get everything you ever wanted, 

But you will still want more.


30 Of The BEST TIGHTS For Fall!

Picture me this morning, singing “SEASSSSOOONNNN OF LOOOOVVEEEEE” when I woke up. Yes, that is because first of all I love the musical RENT, and secondly because it’s fall. Finally, it’s not 400 degrees in Los Angeles, and I can bust out some tights without it being weird. Oh, global warming. Anyways, I was on… More »

Tim Burton Inspired Tattoos

When I think of Halloween, I think of Tim Burton! So, since the “costumes, candy, and scary movies” holiday is right around the corner, I made a fun gallery of Tim Burton inspired tattoos! Would YOU ever get a Tim Burton, or Halloween tattoo?

30 of the best Couples Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the bend! Do you know what you want to be yet? Why not get a lover or friend and make a costume together? Last year swoon and I went as the royal wedding. I found all these amazing ideas! I hope you find something! xx

The Best And Worst Celebrity Tattoos!

It feels like everyday when I wake up I see someone else getting a gun tattoo, and I cannot help but think. Really…a gun? I guess some people really like guns, I really do not get it. I hate guns. Anyways, I put together this list of the worst and best celebrity tattoos. Who else… More »

50 Of The Best Group Halloween Costume Ideas!

Halloween is just around the bend! Do you know what you want to be yet? Why not get a group of friends together and be one of these amazing group halloween costumes with your friends! These are all such amazing ideas! I hope you find something! xx ps. my personal favorite is “all the different… More »

My Favorite Song Lyrics

Hi all. I’ve been listening to a ton of Stars, my favorite band from Canada. I wish I could take a giant sharpie and write these amazing lyrics all over my walls and everything I own. Do you ever want to do that? These are some of my all time favorite lyrics. Check them out!… More »

The Best Finger Tattoos!

Almost 3 years ago I got my “fearless” finger tattoo. I love it so so so so much, and it’s an excellent conversation starter. I wish I had more fingers or that there was a way to tattoo toes too! Anyways, I put together this great collection of FINGER TATTOOS. I love when people put… More »

Heartblog: Fearless Friday

It’s Friday and I’m a horrible human being. Yesterday I attended a tv taping with a friend of mine that involved us sitting around the green room for a few hours, and I am not sure what happened to me. For some reason, I got so nasty and just began updating him with all the… More »

Heartblog: A little update from me!

A little update from me! 

It seems like it’s been a little while since we had a visit and I gave a full update. In between all the heartblogs and passive aggressive tweets I send out,…