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WIN: A Copy of Keltie Knight’s New Book!

I’m so happy that my new book, written with Christipher Gutierrez is available now! It’s called “The Imperfections of James and Kate” and it’s an ALMOST true love story. I think you will see…

18 Of The Best Unicorn Things!

you guys know I love unicorns, and everyday someone is tagging me on my twitter or my instagram some new cool unicorn item that i need to collect. I have everything, unicorn shirts, unicorn salt and pepper shakers, unicorn pj’s. I love them. I actually have a folder on my desktop of all the unicorn… More »

Kids Choice Awards with Tyler Oakley: SLIME SELFIES!

Tyler Oakley and I hit the orange carpet at the Kids Choice Awards like a hurricane of crazy, fangirling dreams and boy did we have the most magical time ever. We took ‘Slime Selfies” with all the stars, and I have to say that i think my slime face was maybe the best slime face… More »

Keltie Knight at the Divergent Premiere!

It’s official Shailene Woodley and I are meant to be besties forever. Two easy going girls who eat weird and like to use the word “rad”… clearly a match made in heaven! I was just on vacation so I didn’t get a chance to post these amazing photos I took with the cast at the… More »

Keltie Knight Closet Tour!

So you wanna see my shoe collection? Or hear the story of my “breakup chanel?” Well, I gotcha. My new friend Fiona, from Fiona TV came over to my house and we played inside…

Keltie Knight At the Oscars!

I’m sitting in my office at work doing radio phoners talking all about the Oscars last night! I had SUCH a blast…and i tired to take as many fun selfies with the stars as I could! I loved th Oscars so much last night. Highlights for me were the Ellen #selfie, the fashion and seeing… More »

Love and Other Stuff



This morning I was interviewing Chris Harrison about love. Seems this…

“The Imperfections of James and Kate” is released!

GUYS! I am so excited because my new book- ‘The Imperfections of James and Kate” is now out! You can purchase it at –and I am just soooooo proud! 

I wanted to share a…

Keltie Knight’s New Book Release!! #jamesloveskate

My new book “The Imperfections of James and Kate” comes out on on friday- Valentine’s Day! It’s a love story, about two people, and their group of…

Valentine’s E-Cards to send to your friends!

Looking for something great to leave on your friends FB wall, or to tweet your crush/or your ex on VDAY? Well, I collected my favorite E-Cards that you can email, print, or social to your <3. These are hilarious, cute and perfect for Valentine’s day! Don’t forget to send one to me! xx Follow @keltieknight

What to get a GIRL for Valentines Day!

Here it is, a gift guide just for the ladies out there! Unsure what to get your lover for Valentines day? Here are a bunch of great ideas any girl would love to get (ps. don’t forget the cute, heartfelt card and flowers) ps. which gift would you love to get? Follow @keltieknight

What To Get A GUY For Valentine’s Day!

Shopping for a guy can be impossible! Valentines day is just a few days away so I put together this awesome gift guide for what you should get your lover if your lover is a dude. I haven’t decided what to get Swoon yet, but I’m def picking something from this list! Here is what… More »

Happy Birthday Lauren Conrad

Today is one of my favorite celebrities Lauren Conrad‘s birthday. I love that Lauren is a girl’s girl, and she has amazing fashion sense, and I always steal outfit ideas from her. Everytime I see her on the red carpet she always looks great, and I think her creative make-up and hair are always on… More »

Keltie Knight’s GRAMMY 2014 Adventure!!

tonight was the best night ever + I’m obsessed with the Grammy awards, I was on the platform for The Insider + Interviewing all my fav celebs. Highlights for me Jared Leto, Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, Ed Sheeran, Austin Mahone, and so many more! Here are my behind the scenes… More »

Red Carpet Hair Updo Inspiration for Awards Season

What should I do with my hair for the rest of award season? So far I rocked the slicked hair trend, and this week I’ll be at the Critics Choice awards, and the SAG awards and then followed by the Grammy Awards. I’ve been looking for inspiration that I can use for my red carpet… More »

Best Dressed Celebrities at the 2014 InStyle Golden Globe Awards Post-Party

So exciting! I got to cover the Instyle Golden Globe Party and it was so much fun! Here are a few of my favorite red carpet looks from the big night! Loved Amy Adams, Taylor Swift, Ashley Tisdale, and Vanessa Hudgens! Also totally loved Kelly Osborne and seeing Jared Leto with his MUCH deserved award…. More »

Best and Worst Dressed From The People’s Choice Awards + My Adventure

Last night was the People’s Choice Awards! You guys helped me pick out a dress and I went with Polka Dots!!! I had the MOST FUN EVER, and saw so many amazing celebrities. I got a chance to interview Britney Spears for the first time and she was so amazing! Here are some of my… More »

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