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Kawaii Life – Ideas To Upgrade Your Ordinary Things To Next Level Of Cuteness

I sometimes walk around and wonder who would people be if they were the only people on Earth. Without any rules, judgments and restrictions, would we really be living in the same kind of houses, wearing the same kind of clothes or would it all be much more colorful? I’m addicted to cute and adding… More »

These are a Few of My Favorite Things…

This week I’m into everything sickly sweet and painfully kawaii, with some baby bats thrown in the mix. <3 k More For You: Heart To Heart – Helping Others These are a Few of My Favorite Things…

Kawaii Bunny

I think that during Easter the best are the moments which you can to spend with family and kawaii bunny!! So, special for you I found a few sweet photos :)Gallery is inspired by El Rich: Would You Rather: The Creepy Bunny Edition

Grimes Goes Kawaii At Chanel

I’m kinda going crazy over Grimes new Japanese inspired look at Chanel! I may have to take some inspiration from this for some of my own Fashion Week outfits! LOVE OR LOATHE?

Kawaii Fashion

As you know I love Kawaii! So I decided to create a gallery showing some epic Kawaii fashion!

Kawaii Hippo Cakes & Cupcakes

I think everyone of you already know my passion and love for hippos, I love to collect them: I have tons of different hippos like stuffed animals, little statue, frames, bubble baths, cups and more about these cute and fluffy animals. Insipired by the last gallery of Hanna Beth, I found such adorable hippo cakes… More »

Once upon a time in… Little Tokyo

Sunday Funday! After not having any days off for a couple of months now, I decided to take a morning off and go hang out with some beautiful peoples. Amelia was in town so we couldn’t miss her. By the way, check out her stuff, she is amazing. Before I knew her, I was a… More »

Kawaii Nails

I’ve been seeing Kawaii nails everywhere, and only recently fell in love with them. See for yourself, here are some of my favorites!

If you’re interested in purchasing some, please…

Cuteness Overload

need some cheering up and cuteness in your life? this gallery is perfect for you!! i basically jammed everything bit of cuteness that i could in here.. make me want a giant swirl cone and to be wearing a hello kitty jumpsuit.. ha ha xoxo

My Two New Kawaii Friends!

Today I’ve been at IKEA with my parents because they needed new shelfes for their bedroom. But you know I’ve already bought the big carrot the last time I’ve been and now they made also the little one and Mr. Broccoli too! *_* I really love them!!!! I bought also a lot of new candles:… More »

Weekly Inspiration

I decided to create another gallery about what inspired me this week. Check it out! 😉

Fluffy Carrot

Today I was for the whole day at IKEA for house shop with my parents… we bought a new table for the living room and new chairs. and take a look for a new dresser for their bedroom and bought other stuff and I couldn’t resist when I saw this cute carrot xp it’s really… More »

Vlog #2 – Thank you so much Kat!

I never imagined to find a special friend also on Buzznet, but it’s happened, and I’m really really glad about it! Thank you so much Kat, for everything, love you so much xoxo

kawaii deco compact mirrors for sale

these are all one of a kind & handmade.. by me.. he he

if you’re interested in purchasing one email me at HannaBethSale@yahoo.com

payments through paypal only

i ship worldwide.. xoxo

1. pink dreamz compact – 40$


Street Style: South Korea’s Got Seoul

If there is one thing you guys probably know about me it is probably that I love fashion!

I particularly adore “Asian fashion”.
(Possibly because I am half Asian? Tehehe)


Kawaii (かわいい Means, “lovable”, “cute”, or “adorable” in Japanese and their love for all things cute has rubbed off on people all around the world. My new place is starting to look super kawaii with all the candy colored walls and pink shag rugs. Just need to add some Goth now and then I’m ready… More »

kawaii deco love

i have always loved anything deco & kawaii.. i decided it was time i took it into my own hands and start making one of a kind deco pieces.. i am going to be making limited compact…

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