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Quiz: Which YA Novel Protagonist Are You Most Like?

Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson Rock Wetsuits In New Catching Fire Pics

In a few short months Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and the rest of the Hunger Games’ crew will be back on the big screen in Catching Fire. Today Lionsgate…

The Complete Collection Of Catching Fire Portraits!

Hunger Games‘ fashion website, Capitol Couture, has been teasing Catching Fire fans all week with character portraits. We’ve seen all our favorite characters from Effie, Caesar, Haymitch and Cinna, to Katniss Everdeen, Peeta, and Gale! Katniss, played by Oscar-winner and all around BFFL Jennifer Lawrence, looks absolutely stunning in a pearly white floor-length gown. She… More »

Jennifer Lawrence’s Dark Hair Can Only Mean One Thing! (VIDEO)

It looks like Jennifer Lawrence is beginning her transformation into Katniss Everdeen once again! The actress, 22, was rocking her character’s signature dark tresses at the Toronto Film Festival. She ditched her usual golden…

Behind The Scenes Footage From ‘The Hunger Games’

With a little over a week until the highly anticipated movie The Hunger Games hits theaters, fans no doubt are at the tail-end of the wait. And while…

Why Did Jennifer Lawrence Almost Die Filming ‘Hunger Games’?

If you’ve read The Hunger Games or at least have seen the trailer to the upcoming movie, you know that it’s about teens who must fight to…

Music Notes 12/27

Some music news bits we caught floating ’round the internet today. Enjoy!

Hayley Williams thought Taylor York would leave Paramore when the Farro brothers did

New 3OH3 song ‘Set you Free

The Bamboozle…

What Is ‘Hunger Games’ Heroine Katniss Everdeen Shooting At?

The movie is still months away, hitting theaters next year, but the hype is definitely building up for the highly anticipated Lionsgate flick and highly compared to Twilight The Hunger Games<span…

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