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Kanye West’s Wednesday Night Twitter Spree: Highlights

Last night, instead of settling down with a good book like I usually do, I settled down and watched my twitter feed. Kanye West was feeling particularly expressive! The 34 year old rapper…

Remember, Remember The Fifth Of November: Guy Fawkes Night Playlist

Over Halloween, we were inundated with seasonal playlists and spooky musical inspiration but let’s not overlook Guy Fawkes Night. There are already predictions for bad weather across most of the UK so whilst some fireworks…

Um… Since When Can Biebs Rap?!

I used to have Bieber fever, but I haven’t come down with it in a long time. However, after watching Justin in this video –I can officially say that MY BIEBER FEVER IS BACK!!! How awesome did he do ?! Good for him. It wasn’t the best verse I’ve ever heard, but for him? I… More »


Jay- Z is by far the dopest rapper alive. I love him sooooooo much. He is so much more than a rapper. Shawn Carter is an artist. He is also notorious for being such an amazing business man. I have so much respect for him. He is the best, and I don’t care if anyone… More »

Celebrity Rumormill

All of the celebrity rumors and gossip you need in life.

True, False or Tumblr: Why You Should Question Everything

Check these out!

Can you BELIEVE these celebrities said these things?  

Well…you shouldn’t.  Because they didn’t.  I just made up quotes (okay, the Ke$ha…

Kanye West’s 34 Best Looks for His 34th Birthday

In honor of Kanye West‘s June 8, 1977 birthday we have compiled some of his most hip-hop-prep-futuristic-swag signature Kanye fashion looks. Whether he’s sitting front row at fashion week, on the red carpet or just walking around, Mr.West is always looking camera ready. Check out why he calls himself the Louis Vuitton Don below:

Kanye West ‘Monster’ Video: Featuring Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, and a Bunch of Dead Ladies

We all got a little sneak peak of this video when it leaked a couple of months ago, but the final and slightly terrifying product…

Katy Perry ‘E.T.’ Feat. Kanye West Official Music Video

The wait is over, but it was well worh it! This video is Amazing. Katy looks gorgeously out of this world. What do you think? (Btw, who else says this song should totally be on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack?)

Happy Awkward Moment Day!: 5 Of The Most Awkward Moments On TV

Ever had an awkward moment? Of course you have. Everyone has – in fact, you’re probably not human if you’ve said no. But ever had it in front of millions of people on…

Katy Perry ft Kanye West Lyric Video For “E.T. (Futuristic Lover)”

“E.T. (Futuristic Lover)” is the fourth single off Katy’s latest album ‘Teenage Dream’. The song combines a little pop, a little hip hop and a lot of fun. The pop singer just posted the futuristic spacey lyric video to her Facebook page and wrote “Don’t quite have all Kanye West’s rhymes memorized from “E.T.”? Check… More »

Kanye West Confirmed to Perform at South By Southwest

After Vevo posted this mysterious video a few weeks ago, the internet swirled with rumors that Kanye West would be performing at their South by Southwest party in Austin,…

Coachella Line-up in Alphabetical Order (Because We Love You) (And We Have OCD)

Check out the line-up for this year’s Coachella festival and tell us in the comments who you want our stealth Buzznet photographers to shoot (with a camera, not a…

can it still be the weekend

continuing my crazy weekend adventures…. i didn’t even think I was going to go out last night but i ended up gathering my strength to get ready for my friends record release party. it was at this gorgeous little loft in Hollywood called Alta. I went with my intern Fiona. we ate cute little cupcakes… More »

Little Girls Release Their Inner Monster With Some Help from Nicki Minaj

So, while working on graphics for another blog, I began to wonder: what would happen if I mashed-up the lyrics from Nicki Minaj‘s verse on “Monster” by Kanye West with some sweet, innocent pictures…

New Years Resolutions from Jared Evan

Breakout star Jared Evan takes a break from working hard long enough to give us some new years resoultions and reflections.

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Watch the Preview for ‘Hurricane’ by 30 Seconds to Mars Ft. Kanye West

Ever since they announced they were making a “darkly sexual video,” fans have been waiting to see what 30 Seconds to Mars and Bartholomew Cubbins had in store for us with “Hurricane.”


Battle Tweets: Round III

Way back in the day I did a battle tweets gallery… well, I saw a few recently that made me want to resurrect it. So get picky in Battle Tweets round III! Who is best at expressing themselves in 140 characters or less? (Don’t just pick your favorite person!)

Music Link Love 8/26

Paramore will perform at the MTV VMAs

Happy Birthday Craig Owens

How Selling Out Turned into Survivalism

Never Shout Never covers Bob Dylan


Hot or Not?

Fox Tail Keychains? From Kanye West to the Louis Vuitton runway to V
ictoria Beckham, fox tail keychains are pretty hot this year. I have one and I absolutely love it. Much to my dismay, my…