Journey In Yakima

All photos by Xander Deccio


The TWINS have been looking into their Ancestral History and their journey has taken them to a very old and odd SPUD ROCK formation. While they were there they found out some interesting things about their ancestors and how they came to be. Of course Peter had to climb almost to the top but TMPH… More »

My Journey: From Suffering To Dreams

I have too many secrets. Often living with them paralyzes me and cuts my weak wings. For some time sad past comes back to me. I once again faded as not…

A Letter To 2014

Dear 2014,

We are starting this blank piece of paper off fresh of our 365 page book of journeys. I’m only concerned with real words and…

Born Free

I have never wanted to live in one place for more than a year. Actually, I have no idea how I’ve stayed in L.A. for this long, and know for a fact that there’s gonna be a time very soon where I’m gonna want to pack my books and trinkets and move some place else…. More »

AudreyGram: Personal Instagram Diary

This week’s Instagram journey follows me making it through Fashion Week madness and trying to adapt back to normal life and catch up on projects!

#NowPlaying // February 2012 Edition

Here I am with my second blog dedicated about my monthly playlist.

I will try to write better and better in the next posts talking about different aspects of music and about…

Punk Goes Classic Rock Track List

Holy Toledo, it’s another album in the Punk Goes… series. And this one is bound to inspire some strong reactions. Absolutepunk posted the track list and artwork for it this morning. [cut=Are you sitting down?]


Fall Out Boy Covering “Don’t Stop Believing”

Friday, 9/18/09 at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine. What do you think? How’d they do with this cover?

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