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12 Celebrity Couples You Forgot Used To Date

Spooky Teaser “Together as One” for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1!

News from Panem! In preparation for the November 21st premiere of the next movie in the series, a teaser trailer was released today for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and we are so excited! The…

15 Pictures Of Jennifer Lawrence Having The Most Fun On A Red Carpet Ever

Jennifer Lawrence seems like she genuinely loves her work and her fans. It’s one of the many reasons that she is so endearing. The fact that she’s an Oscar winner doesn’t mean she’s any less excited about her new movie, Hunger Games Catching Fire, or the fans that love the series. There’s just something about… More »

Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson Rock Wetsuits In New Catching Fire Pics

In a few short months Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and the rest of the Hunger Games’ crew will be back on the big screen in Catching Fire. Today Lionsgate…

Josh Hutcherson Loves Taking Ladies For Motorcycle Rides

Josh Hutcherson is the boy next door, Kentucky-born adorable actor guy who makes you swoon, but also feels attainable for some reason. Like, you could totally run into him at Chipotle and fast forward…

The Complete Collection Of Catching Fire Portraits!

Hunger Games‘ fashion website, Capitol Couture, has been teasing Catching Fire fans all week with character portraits. We’ve seen all our favorite characters from Effie, Caesar, Haymitch and Cinna, to Katniss Everdeen, Peeta, and Gale! Katniss, played by Oscar-winner and all around BFFL Jennifer Lawrence, looks absolutely stunning in a pearly white floor-length gown. She… More »

BABES! BABES! BABES! Who’s Your Fave?

With so many A-List babes in Hollywood, it’s reallly hard to pick just one famous face to crush on, soooo I decided on ten…is that ok? I would date any of these guys in a heartbeat and I’m sure there’s a few on my list you’d die to see on your doorstep! Who would you… More »

Josh Hutcherson Cries Daily And Wants To Give You A Massage

He stole our hearts as romance-driven Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games, so it’s no surprise that Josh Hutcherson is actually a sweet guy in real-life! The self-admitted sensitive guy…

BUZZNET’s Most Anticipated Movies of 2013!


2013 has tons of new fantastic movies in store for us! With so many upcoming flicks, I have narrowed it down to the top 8

Who’s Falling In Love On The ‘Catching Fire’ Set?

It’s no secret that many Hollywood romances got their start on movie or TV sets – just ask Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson

GPO Josh Hutcherson

The baby-faced Josh Hutcherson had us swooning as a little charmer in the movie Little Manhattan. But J-Hutch really made his mark as a bona-fide hunk in this year’s blockbuster hit, The Hunger Games. Today is Josh’s birthday and in honor of the here are gratuitous pics of the Hunger Games hunk! Happy Birthday Josh!… More »

Josh Hutcherson Promises To Be Buffer In ‘Hunger Games’ Sequel!

No one can accuse Josh Hutcherson of being scrawny! While the Hunger Games star isn’t quite on the tall side, the 19-year-old actor has a pretty good…

‘Catching Fire’ Director Announced: Francis Lawrence

Unfortunately, although Gary Ross did a great job filming “Hunger Games,” he will not be filming the sequel.

But that’s okay folks, because we got the next best thing! The director of ‘Catching…

Josh Hutcherson Fights For His Life (Again!) In ‘Detention’

With the Hunger Games finally out in theaters, Josh Hutchersons fan base is continually growing by the minute! While the next Hunger Games movie isn’t…

Flashback Friday: Hunger Games Stars’ Breakout Roles

Reblogged from Patty

It’s the big day of the Games – Hunger Games, that is! It’s been quite the few months of major chatter about the film and…

Flashback Friday: Hunger Games Stars’ Breakout Roles

It’s the big day of the Games – Hunger Games, that is! It’s been quite the few months of major chatter about the film and without a doubt it’ll be a long…

Is Josh Hutcherson Falling In Love With Jennifer Lawrence?

The Hunger Games epic film premiere is just one month away, and the film’s star Josh Hutcherson might be more excited than the novel’s rabid fan base. 

In a…

Two Brand New ‘Hunger Games’ TV Spots!

With less than one more month left to go until we can FINALLY see the Hunger Games in its entirety, Hunger Games fans have even more reason…

New ‘Hunger Games’ Trailer!

With less than two months until The Hunger Games hit theaters, fans of the wildly popular book series are biting at the bit for the release! Well, for those who have read and…

Vanessa Hudgens And Josh Hutcherson Talk About Their Relationship… Awkward!

With her relationship with fellow Disney star Austin Butler out in the open, it must be a little strange for Vanessa Hudgens to do press with her…

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