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Blood Painted Roses Part 18

We’re so sorry that we haven’t posted in…well a very long time. We’re really sorry. We just want to thank those who didn’t give up on our…

Misery Business on Trial!

Very, very funny

On the bus-Kevin Lyman interviews Paramore(Warped Tour 2008 in Houston,Texas.)

Jeremy davis starring in Legally Blind

haha jeremy is blind lol

hayley is late

paramore at the airport

paramore getting pedis

haha joshy

its hayley

99x Interview in Atlanta

Wal-Mart Soundcheck

Visit to see an exclusive performance from San Jose.

jeremy eating fish


Radio 1’s Big Weekend

Paramore is awesome baby!!

hayley singing a bit of like a virgin

Paramore Talk About Next Record, Ready to Get ‘Heavier’

Yesterday, caught up in all the Paramore Pro-Miley messaging, I neglected to mention their discussion about the direction album numero tres will be headed in.

“We’re going…

Mad Libs with Paramore!


97X Presents – Q&A With Paramore

PARAMORE @ Cat’s Music in Franklin, TN: “Misery Business” acoustic

PARAMORE @ Cat’s Music in Franklin, TN: “Whoa” acoustic

PARAMORE @ Cat’s Music in Franklin, TN: “When It Rains” acoustic

wow. I adore it acoustic 😀