jordan catalano

#FBF My So-Called Life

In 1994, My So-Called Life debuted on television. This teen drama was real, engaging as hell, and introduced us all to both Claire Danes’ amazing wobbling cry chin and the smokin’ hot bad boy played by Jared Leto. As we all scream “Jordan Catalano for life!” it’s wild to think this show only lasted one little… More »

Happy Birthday (creepy fan girl letter)

Dear, Paul Allen, Steve Prefontaine, Toby Jacobs, Angel Face, Harry Goldfarb, Junior, and where I initially fell in love with you as, Jordan Catalano. Happy Birthday! You were born in Louisiana on December 26. Your nickname is J and you are 5’10’’. 5 inches taller than me, so when I have heels on our eyes… More »

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