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Golden Globes Red Carpet Recap

Awards season is finally here! Last night, all our fave celebrities worked the red carpet looking totally glam for the Golden Globes. This awards show is always a hoot, probably because everyone’s boozing it up non-stop. If you’re still dancing in your bedroom pretending you’re in La La Land and wiping away tears after Meryl… More »

SuperBad Fun Facts You Didn’t Know

Of all the teen movies to hit the silver screen, Superbad is one that will forever stand the test of time. A night of hijinks between three friends on their way to a senior year party was nothing short of hilarious and heartwarming. However, no matter how many times you’ve watched this funny flick, these 12 fun facts are probably things you… More »

A New Cast Member Joins Saturday Night Live

While watching ABC News today, Diane Sawyer immediately had my attention when she mentioned Saturday Night Live, a show I love, had a special announcement. I was…

Get To Know: Johnny Depp

Today, June 9, is Johnny Depp’s birthday! Happy Birthday <3 Want to know more about Johnny Depp? Check out this gallery of some of my favorite Johnny Depp quotes accomponied by some of my FAVORITE pictures of him. Sexy time. 😉

Which Co-Star Did Channing Tatum Swim Naked With?

Channing Tatum has logged in a lot of quality time with his co-stars, especially since he has a number of recent movies including 21 Jump Street, The…

Hollywood Is Talking About… 3/15

A lot of Hollywood oh-no-they-didn’ts are happening on this Ides of March day.  

Here’s what else Hollywood is talking about today:

Gasp! <a…

Twitter War: Jonah Hill VS. Channing Tatum

It seems like Jonah Hill can’t go a month without getting himself tangled up in a celeb feud – except that this one is with his 21 Jump Street

Matthew Morrison to Take On Jonah Hill: ‘Be Afraid!’

When it was reported earlier that Moneyball actor Jonah Hill was feuding with Glees Matthew Morrison, we couldn’t believe it either! I mean, who could have…

Flashback Friday: 15 Sports-Related Movies From Back in the Day

Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill in a baseball movie together? Bring us some peanuts and Cracker Jacks! The movie Moneyball is out today, and I was lucky enough to check…

Celebrity Beef: Jonah Hill vs. Glee’s Matthew Morrison

Jonah Hill’s got beef – with Matthew Morrison of all people!

Jonah told Jimmy Fallon last night that he…

Win Tickets to ‘Moneyball’ Screenings in NYC and LA!

Attention New York and Los Angeles-area movie fans:

Buzznet is giving away tickets to screenings of the upcoming movie Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt…

Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill’s New Movie ‘Moneyball’: A First Look

Actor and hunk-at-any-age Brad Pitt and funnyman Jonah Hill have teamed up for a new movie entitled Moneyball. Based on the 2003 New York Times bestseller by Michael Lewis, Moneyball

Invention of Lying Premiere in Hollywood

Jennifer Garner, Ricky Gervais, and Rob Lowe talk little white lies on the red carpet. I didn’t see the movie ahead of time and the press line was so strange. They made us do group questions because it was running late.. boo! Whats the worst lie you ever told? I told some crazy ones when… More »

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