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The Importance of Doing Your Research

So there’s this album I’ve been spinning for days called Pretty.  Odd.  Maybe you’ve heard of it around the site.

Now, I’ve seen good reviews and bad reviews and mediocre reviews and people getting…

Panic at the Disco discuss other Pretty. Odd. influences


Enough with the Beatles comparisons! Rolling Stone has a flipbook that take a look at other elements of music and pop culture that played a part…

Panic’s Pretty. Odd. is pretty freakin’ fabulous: Buzznet album review


If I start every one of my reviews off by declaring my undying love for said CD, you might start to question my taste. But you know what? I’ll…

Penny! at the Arcade

So, I love things.

Right now, I love Panic at the Disco’s Pretty.  Odd.  Because the music is amazing.

I also constantly have love for Penny Arcade

So, after being inspired by the <a…

Panic fans react to new album with glee – and GTFO …

Blessed be our Pretty. Odd. seeking ears! Most of you–aside from the incredibly patient portion of you Panic fans who say you’re WAITING for the…

Review: Panic at the Disco’s “Pretty. Odd.”

So, if “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out” was represented by a hyper sexualized circus, then I think that “Pretty.  Odd.” is characterized by a U.S. Depression Era carnival in the Dust Bowl. 

<img src=""…

Pretty. Odd. Leak on

So, Panic at the Disco has leaked their new album “Pretty.  Odd.” on

Go!  Listen!  And discuss your thoughts!  DON’T LET ME SQUEAL ALONE!

…or you could get it elsewhere.  But consider…

Panic at the Disco preview ‘Mad as Rabbits’

Panic at the Disco have posted an enticing little preview of “Mad as Rabbits” as part of the appeal to pre-order Pretty. Odd.


Panic at the Disco previews “Mad as Rabbits”

I liiiiiike what I hear! NEED MOAR. Can you hear the RyRo? So cute.

Panic at the Disco set for ‘Heroes’ soundtrack


Heroes,” despite being on an agonizing hiatus (MILO VENTIMIGLIA I MISS YOU!), is ready to put out its first original soundtrack — and music videos to go along with…

Panic at the Disco talk Pretty. Odd.

With the release date rapidly approaching, Panic‘s sophomore album is getting a TON of buzz. And they’re all in sharing-and-caring mode, so we get fed bits of info as the days go by.…

Me + new Panic song = MARRIAGE


Panic at the Disco‘s first single off Pretty. Odd. titled Nine in the Afternoon was released yesterday (at 9pm, duh) and uh…


Panic fans! Mark your e-calendars!


  • <a…

PATD audience Q&A pt. I

The exclamation point is missing… and Brendon wants a tan?

PATD audience Q&A pt. II

Brendon: single, lonely, and unlovable? (JAY KAY. DOWN GIRLS!)

Panic at the Disco unveil their car

LOL @ Mark Hoppus’ commentary


Of the Panic Website from 8:51 EST this morning. Boys, I’m NOT worried. I’m just FUCKING CURIOUS >:(

Panic! At the Disco- Summerfest 2007 [NEW SONG!]

I like it…pretty piano song. the romantics..yeah, that’ll take some getting used to. lol I found this on Vanee’s page credit:o0oMandaPandao0o -Annette

Panic! Lyrics?

Okay I was on myspace looking for pictures of Brendon when I came across a group of him.I looked through the forums when I saw something about Panic! At The Disco’s new album coming out in July 2007.I…

UndercoverHD interview w/ P!ATD ~part 3~

Brendon looks bored. Jwalk is fascinated with strawberries =P Ryan is a softspoken guy and you can hardly hear him. Spencer brushes his hair a lot in interviews =P lol There is really nothing like a Panic! interview.