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#FBF Celebs Rocking Those Frosted Tips

In the late ’90s and early 2000’s, frosted tips were the shit. Seriously! All your fave boy boys worked those tips, with Justin Timberlake leading the charge. In real life, the hot guy in your class was the one with frosted tips kept perfectly erect with extra hard hair gel. The trend crashed and burned… More »

Hollywood Is Talking About… 3/5

It’s Monday and we’re ready for another week of celeb hijinks! Over the weekend Lindsay Lohan hosted SNL, which was supposed to be her big comeback. How did she fare? Find out <a…

OSCARS: Gifting Suites are Like Trick or Treating for Celebrities

This past Friday, Lisa from A Socialite’s Life and I made a quick stop at one of the gifting suites happening…

Joey Fatone’s Star Wars Tango

Because people wanted to know. Joey Fatone and Kim Johnson perform a Star Wars themed tango on Dancing with the Stars. This is the finale version, which was a stronger dance, and had a cooler pose at the end. This is, possibly, the most awesome thing to ever come out of reality TV.

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