Get To Know: JJAMZ

It has happened again, you guys! I’ve discovered a great new band that I think you’ll like! I was browsing through Forever 21 today and they were bumping this. It was love at first listen!

Three For Free: Ben Folds Five, JJAMZ and Fun Fun Records Give Away Free Music

As well as today being Cinco De Mayo, it is also “Free Comic Book Day” today which is good news for comic book fans but has little meaning for music nerds. Luckily for all you…

Baby Band Crushes 2011 / Most Anticipated 2012

If it’s one thing I need more of in 2012, it’s all of these bands! You might be like GOSH, there’s nothing ‘babyish’ about these bands but the fact of the matter is I WANT THEM TO BE BIGGER. I want the world to know. So here are the bands and artists that I hope… More »

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