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Paramore/Jimmy Eat World tour dates!

Jimmy Eat World and Paramore have announced the routing of a U.S. co-headline tour scheduled to kick off April 1st. Said Jimmy Eat World singer Jim Adkins, “We’re very excited for the upcoming…

Jimmy Eat World – Always Be

Annnnd here’s the final Jimmy Eat World segment

Jimmy Eat World – Big Casino

Love this song. Sigh. Especially the line, “Well there’s lots of smart ideas in books I’ve never read.”

I was in the presence of awesomeness.

My first interview! No, interviewing reality tv stars doesn’t count. JIMMY EAT WORLD OMG. This is just part 1.

Jimmy Eat World @ the El Rey 2

Jimmy Eat World @ the El Rey

Jimmy Eat World interview!

Attention Buzznet babies, if all goes well, I’ll be interviewing the awesomeness that is JIMMY EAT WORLD tomorrow!

If you have questions, leave ’em here! I’ll ask them if I don’t pass…

My 10 fave songs


10. Love Is Like Oxygen- Sweet

9.  23- Jimmy Eat World

8. Goodnight and Go- Imogen Heap 

7. I Will Follow You Into The Dark- Deathcab For Cutie

6. Gravity Of Love- Enigma

5. Nobody Puts Baby In…

Show anticipation: NFG, FOB, JEW

First off, I know the year isn’t over yet, but how freaking AWESOME has 2007 been for music? I can’t wait to make my end-of-year list.

Ok, now onto shows I’m going to:

New Found…

Blood Painted Roses *Part 17*

Ok I’m going to start this out with a huge apology. To be honest, we had this whole story planned out so well that…

Top 5!

On Monday, DJ Rossstar asked all y’all what your Top 5 Albums were. That is, cds you listen to in their ENTIRETY (no song skipping whatsoever) all the time…

Jimmy Eat World Update! Yeaaaaaahhhh!

From absolutepunk:

“We have a mix date set for May 28th. Yes, there is light at the end of
the proverbial tunnel. We just spent…

Jimmy Eat World: Sorry, sh*t takes forever.

Jimmy Eat World says:We are still working on our next album. During the Christmas break we
wrote some new tunes and got ideas for a bunch more. We are working on
those and giving them the chance…

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