Holy Foods

In honor of Palm Sunday and the start of Holy week, I am going on a holy diet.
‘What’s that’ you say?
Oh, It’s just this new diet where I only eat…

Putting the “Christ” Back in Xmas!

I figured since Christmas is in fact a Christian holiday and I am celebrating this year, perhaps I should stop for a moment and take some Merry advice from our local churches:

CRUSH OF THE DAY: We Found Jesus, He’s In Playboy

Whether or not you were looking for him, Jesus has been found. He’s in Portuguese Playboy. Believe it or not, the whole thing is pretty artsy and is based on Jose Saramago’s book…

Wednesday Buzz 2/28

How is it possible that I’m thinking positive about Kfed? (Fadedyouth)
The Onion A.V. Club interviews Greg Grunberg aka Matt Parkman on Heroes.P Diddy, punching at parties. Classy. (Yeeeah)Pneumonia killed Anna Nicole? (SOW)Paris Hilton got pulled…

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