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Album Review: Jesse McCartney Releases ‘In Technicolor’

Hey Music Lovers, 

Today is your lucky day. A Buzznet favorite, Jesse McCartney, has released a brand new album called ‘

Hangin With Jesse McCartney. Caption This Photo!

Submit your best caption and I’ll pick my favorite… Then I’ll repost using your caption on Instagram and Twitter.(@nashoverstreet) and I’ll even make sure you get the credit, so include your username.

Falling In Love With: Jesse McCartney’s Lyric Video For ‘Back Together’

 Today is “Hump Day”, the day that it rained in LA AND the day that Jesse McCartney released his lyric video for “Back Together” AKA THE BEST…

INTERVIEW: Last Questions With Jesse McCartney

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Jesse McCartney has been making music for years as a solo artist and as an accomplished songwriter. We had him stop by recently to let us…

A Backstreet Boys Concert Review Through The Eyes Of An Nsync Fan

SO I am now 24 years old and can confidentaly say that I still will rock out to pop music from 1997-present. It makes me happy, no shame here!

I have always been a loyal Nsync

Were They Separated At Birth: Leo Dicaprio & Jesse McCartney

I recently did a post like this based off of musicians that look a like and  it got me thinking about 2 of my favorite people ever.

Those two people are Jesse McCartney and Leonardo Dicaprio!

Jesse McCartney Heads To Las Vegas

Jesse McCartney is headed to Las vegas for a guest appereance on Csi. Jesse will play Wes, a recent college grad who passes out while driving and crashes his car. Because of this mysterious…

Jesse McCartney – Leavin’

Aw, look who’s all grown up! Produced by Tricky Stewart and The-Dream. The new disc, “Departure” hits stores on May 20th.

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