Ashlee Holmes Interviews Ron And Sam Of The Jersey Shore!

Hey guys!

As you may know I got to attend the MTV Movie Awards last night and report on the red carpet! It was so much fun! I…

“Fall” In Love With These Celebrities

While all of the cutesy couples are getting ready for their big Valentine’s Day plans I decided to put together a gallery for all of us single folk to smile about. This gallery isn’t about cute celebrity couples or love…it is about celebs FALLING…to the ground. YUP, figured hey, no need to cry to The… More »

Photo Diary: Bamboozle 2012!

Hey Guys, Last weekend I got the opportunity to go to Bamboozle in Asbury Park Beach in New Jersey! I was so stoked to be going to this big of a music festival right on the water! The weather was so perfect and I got to watch a ton of bands I love. I spent… More »

Did Snooki Steal Alexander McQueen’s Design?

Oh, Snooks, we never thought we’d ever put your name alongside the great Alexander McQueen, but guess there’s always a first in everything. Apparently, the preggers Snooki recently launched…

MTV VMA Arrivals — Sammi “Sweetheart’ Loves Everything and “The Buried Life” Hates Small Talk

Let me just start out by saying that the Jersey Shore people were stationed in front of me on their Blackberries practically all night and I really want to help them in the style department. Not only do they bring a new definition to the color orange, but they need to class it up just… More »

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