jem and the holograms

Top 5 Box Office Bombs Of 2015

Going to the movies has officially become a “to do.” With so many great TV shows and home entertainment options, the allure of “Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime/HBO Go and Chill” is keeping more people (Buzznet staff included!) on the couch instead of in the movie theatre. Sure, 2015 saw some blockbusters. Jurassic World killed it thanks to the… More »

WILDFOX Launches Exclusive Jem And The Holograms Collection

We’re only a few weeks away from Jem And The Holograms hitting a silver screen near you, and in celebration of the iconic ’80s cartoon-turned-millennial-must-see-movie, Wildfox has teamed up with Shopbop tolaunch an exclusive Jem And The Holograms line! Taking the classic colors, logos, images and tag lines, Wildfox has created a collection full of… More »

Flashback Friday: 8 Onscreen Bands That Should Make A Comeback

Since news that the living members of the MTV parody boy band 2gether were reuniting surfaced earlier this week, it made us think about the onscreen bands of the past. Sure,…

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