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IG Recap: The Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mystery Has Been Revealed!

This has been a monumental week for me. All of the love and support I have gotten about the release of my Jeffree Star Cosmetics line has made me blessed beyond words. I am so pumped for the next steps, for Black Friday and for all of you to be able to put my lipstick… More »

Beauty Forever: We Are The Weirdos Best Looks

I decided that since you all post such amazing pictures in my Beauty Forever gear that I would make a few galleries showcasing different pieces and how you all rock them! Who do you think rocked their We Are The Weirdos sweater the best?

Join The Dark Side: Leather Fashion Inspiration

You all know I love wearing black, especially leather or even faux leather! It just adds edge and a sense of class and maturity to your outfit! Now that the colder weather is approaching, it is the perfect time to try something new and add some leather to your closet! Here is a gallery of… More »

Everything That Sparkles Is Gold: Glitter Nail Inspo

I love nail art and anything that sparkles and grabs attention. I have been getting glitter dipped nails for ages and love them. Here is a gallery of a ton of glitter naiil designs that could inspire you the next time you get a fill 😉 What set do you love the most?

TattTuesday: The Best Band Tattoos

Are you a fan of bands or anything entertainment and celeb related? How about tattoos? If the answer is yes then you’re about to be obsessed. These dedicated fans have taken their love for music to the next level, they got it on their skin. This week’s feature is all things Riff Raff! Would you… More »

Embrace Your Inner Misfit

I recently wore some awesome Misfits leggings to a concert and everyone was obsessing over them so it inspired me to put together a gallery of Misfits fashion! What are your thoughts on the Misfits? Would you rock any of these looks?

IG Recap: Trick Or Treat

This past week has been a busy yet amazing one. I got to travel to see some of my best friends, enjoyed lots of yummy Halloween candy and now I get to go back home to see my pups. How was your Halloween weekend?

Get To The Point: Halloween Nail Inspiration

Today is the day to trick OR treat, to be who you are too scared to be tomorrow and to eat all of the candy in sight. As you know, I love nails and nail art, so I never forget that important touch. For as long as we can remember every witch we saw in… More »

Orange Is The New Black: Halloween Hair Inspo

Halloween is tomorrow which means we will all be dressed in crazy costumes, wigs, fangs and so on. Some people like myself rock colored contacts, crazy hair and black all year round. In honor of those like minded people, here is a gallery of some amazing orange and black hair looks that could inspire you… More »

Are You Ready To Rock A Matte Lip?

If you have followed my Jeffree Star Cosmetics updates you probably have gathered that I am a big fan of a gorgeous matte lip. My makeup line will be releasing my liquid to matte lipsticks in November so I am really excited to see what you all think! Have you ever worn matte lips? Take… More »

Celebrities As Barbies!

Remember My Size Barbie? Yeah, me too… but have you ever wanted to see your favorite celebrities as Barbies? Well here is your chance! I pulled some of my personal favorite celeb Barbie dolls. Take a look through and comment on YOUR favorite doll!

IG Recap: New Talons & Old Memories!

This past week my IG was of course filled with endless makeup, a bunch of throwbacks and my new amazing nails. What do you guys want to see me post more of on my Instagram?

Flashback Friday: 80 Photos Of Jeffree Star Over The Years

I’ve been rocking these brows and crazy hair since I can remember. I have evolved over the years just as we all have but I defintiely have stayed true to who I am. I recently have been releasing photos from previous years on Instagram and the response was so good that I decided to make… More »

Fresh Off The Runway: Heels Too Good To Be True!

Heels and shoes in general are such an easy way to complete any outfit and give it that little bit of flare or edge you want. You can dress down or dress up anything simply by what footwear you rock. I can go from wearing Jordans and Toms to platforms and heels, it just depends… More »

Current Obsession: The Hello Kitty Cafe!

I recently got to travel to Singapore and had so many incredible experiences! One of my favorite stops was at the Hello Kitty Cafe! I have loved Hello Kitty for years so this was like seeing it all come to life. Here is a gallery of pictures from the cafe, what do you think of… More »

Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

If you guys have followed me from day 1 you know that I have ALWAYS worn the craziest colored contacts. From wolf to baby doll ice blue and everything in between… I have tried them all and am a big fan of switching things up. Why not try new things right? Here is a gallery… More »

IG Recap: Face Charts & Eyeshadow

I have been going all out with trying new brands and looks on myself to share with you all this week. I have loved seeing all of the amazing Jeffee Star inspired face charts too! What is your favorite look I have done recently?

IG Recap: Face Charts & Eye Shadow

I have been going all out with trying new brands and looks on myself to share with you all this week. I have loved seeing all of the amazing Jeffee Star inspired face charts too! What is your favorite look I have done recently?

Jeffree Star & Beauty Forever Co. Have Some Spooky News For You!

My clothing line Beauty Forever Co. has released some limited edition gear just in time for Halloween. If you are looking to add some fashionable pops of orange and black to your wardrobe…

Real Life Barbie

I remember growing up there were collectible Barbies, Life Size Barbie, and of course the classics. What if there was a real Barbie? WELL…there is quite a few actually. Some of these girls have dedicated their lives to looking like a doll and rock it. What are your thoughts on these real life dolls?

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