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The Most Hideous Jeans To Ever Exist

I really don’t think I have EVER seen a garment so ugly.



Bosilika An Get’s All Dolled Up In Li Cari

This amazing young lady named Bosilika An, is known as the ‘Teen Philanthropista’ Bosilika and has been taught compassion for others, bravery to challenge social rules and stigmas and that it is her civil responsibility…

Playing Dress Up At Li Cari Showroom

My friend Mel and I getting ready to attend the Women Like Us Foundationevent at the W Hotel! She had never been to my showroom before so she was trying on a ton of dresses.

High Fashion Valentines Day Looks

When I think Valentines Day I think RED AND PINK but mostly pink. Here are some high end Valentines Day looks. Have fun, treat yourself and be fabulous xx Jazmin WhitleyLi Cari www.shoplicari.com www.twitter.com/jazminwhitley www.facebook.com/shoplicari www.youtube.com/licaribyjazmin

light or dark? help me!

I need to dye my hair! Right now it’s this crazy mess of blonde and brown and I’m thinking of going one solid color…I just don’t know if I should go LIGHT or DARK? What do you think looks better?

Behind The Scenes: Meet Bosilika

I had the pleasure of meeting Bosilika An this weekend. I styled her at my showroom in LA in a bunch of different looks! I also had a chance to interview her about her amazing philanthropy work! She is such an inspiration to anyone who is interested in giving back and planning charity events. Here… More »

Black Lamé Leggings: Girly, Trendy, Casual

One of my favorite go-to items in my wardrobe are these black Lamé leggings that are so versatile and easy to wear. I can go from work, to a date night, to being home just lazy wearing these! I can style them about a thousand different ways but my top three ways are: girly, trendy,… More »

Women Like Us Foundation At The W

Last night was a much needed adventure! My friend Mel drove up to LA to spend the day with her favorite fashion designer (; Since she is usually dresses more casual-cute I wanted to give her a sassy little make over! I took her to my favorite new Salon on Melrose called Essensuals London. Where… More »

Biggest Fashion Don’t

As a designer I see SO many horrible fashion faux pas, but I think the biggest one is following trends and not your body type. Just because something may be a…

Discrimination: Britney Spears Vs Beyonce

Thanks so much for have posted this! I really appreciated a lot! And thanks also to all the people who left a positve comment in the original post

Reblogged from <a…

Discrimination: Britney Spears Vs Beyonce

I really think it’s crazy and unfair that the media and everyone tortures Britney Spears saying how FAT she is and how she looks so horrible, yet Beyonce is just as…

Who Do You Dress For?

If you take a look at fashionistas they are usually the ladies wearing the bold outfits, things most girls would not step out of their comfort zone to wear. As a…

Golden Globes: Best & Worst Red Carpet Looks

Award show season is here! I will be dressing so many ladies for the red carpet for pre parties, after parties and red carpet events! As well as attending a lot…

Best and Worst Maternity Looks

pregnancy is such a beautiful thing….sometimes. 

Check out my list of best and worst dresses pregnant celebs!


this is such a mess, for obvious reasons

<span style="font-size:…

Would You Go Under the Knife?

I personally feel plastic surgery is wrong. 

However- there are certain circumstances where I do agree it is 100% okay. I think risking your life, going under the knife just for something so…

Li Cari Fitting With Molly Marlette

Recording Artist Molly Marlette came into my showroom today for a dress to wear for her upcoming show this weekend! I got to chat with her a little about music and fashion, here is…

Top 5 NYE Fashion Don’ts

1) Don’t dress in Forever 21 head-to-toe. You will not only look tacky, but at least 100 other girls will be wearing the same look. You can still stay on a budget…

Big mess OH YESS

I want the new year already! So many great things happened this year….but it was also really stressful and horrible. I think next year is going to be great (: so much to look forward to! I think I might make a video this week! Just a silly one photo by Joey Costa

Red Carpet Etiquette

When I think of the red carpet, I automatically think of style and grace.  glamour and looking picture perfect also comes to mind….

As a fashion…

Is Khloe Kardashian REALLY for Peta?

Animals + Fashion: Do you know what you’re supporting? 

I hear so many people talk about being “against fur”  People are so adamant that they…

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