EXCLUSIVE: Jasmine Villegas Talks About Her New Album, Future Tours + More

We recently had the opportunity to talk with the amazingly talented and beautiful Jasmine Villegas. Jasmine is an incredible R&B and pop singer who has been singing since she was only 12-years old. Less thank…

Jasmine V Nationalist Magazine Cover Shoot

I’m so excited to share these final images with you! I had so much fun styling Jasmine Villegas and transforming her into this royal fashionista alter ego that I created as an inspiration. I loved that everything about this shoot was so different from any photos I have ever seen of Jasmine, but it still… More »

Styling Recording Artist Jasmine Villages

I had such a blast today styling recording artist Jasmine V for the cover of Nationalist Magazine. We did some very fun trendy looks and got great behind the scenes images! Check them out! I can’t wait to share the final images with you.

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