HOT or NOT? Jared Leto Rocks A Man BRAID At The Golden Globes

OMG Jared Leto showed up to the 2015 Golden Globes rocking a man braid. At first, we thought he was keeping it classic with his signature…

WATCH TONIGHT! Thirty Seconds to Mars Broadcasting LIVE From Hollywood

WE ARE SO EXCITED! After teaming up for this summer’s sold-out rock arena show, Thirty Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park will be broadcasting their September 15th show at the Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl exclusively on…

WATCH: Jared Leto Does ‘Hey Girl’ Better Than Ryan Gosling

Sorry, Ryan Gosling – we’ve moved on.

Jared Leto has pretty much given us the best gift of all time and we obviously can’t stop swooning.


#FREEHUGS: Jared Leto Hugging All Your Fave Celebs Is EVERYTHING

Yesterday, life was made when Jared Leto uploaded this pic of him hugging trees to his Instagram. Today, your life has been made thanks to our incredible Photoshop skills here at Buzznet. From Hayley Williams and Alex Gaskarth to Lilo and Miley, Jared is hugging ALL of your fave celebs. Take a look in this… More »

A Crown Fit For A King: Jared Leto’s Latest Fashion Obsession

It truly is a crown fit for a king! Jared Leto has been blowing up our Instagram feed posting endless, beautiful, photos of him rocking this Dolce & Gabbana Byzantine inspired crown. It all started at the ‘Love Lust Faith Dreams Tour’ Rome show and I don’t think he’s taken it off since. He really… More »

Hot Or Not? Jared Leto Wears A Man Skirt To iHeartRadio Awards

Well….Jared Leto showed up to the iHeartRadio Awards Thursday evening wearing a MAN SKIRT!


Now I am a little confused about this outfit but…

Hot Or Not? Jared Leto’s “Weird But Comfy” Fashion Statement

Jared Leto can literally do no wrong. Even when he wears a Hawaiian shirt, thai boxing shorts, galaxy leggings and a scarf…I’m still in love.

The 42-year-old posted this pic to his Instagram yesterday…

Take Notes Boys: Jared Leto Treats His Mom Right

Jared Leto has made it very clear that he treats his mom like a queen. They do say you should treat your lady like you treat your mother. So, whoever Jared’s lady is (Lupita or Miley?!) they most likely have no complaints in the charm department. Just to make your heart melt even more, here… More »

Keltie Knight At the Oscars!

I’m sitting in my office at work doing radio phoners talking all about the Oscars last night! I had SUCH a blast…and i tired to take as many fun selfies with the stars as I could! I loved th Oscars so much last night. Highlights for me were the Ellen #selfie, the fashion and seeing… More »

NOTES FROM THE OUTERNET // Let’s All Be A Little More “Jared Leto-like”

I read this article someone wrote about Jared Leto today and it was so beautiful. Yes, I have a crazy love for him that I can’t explain haha, BUT reading his…

Best Dressed Celebrities at the 2014 InStyle Golden Globe Awards Post-Party

So exciting! I got to cover the Instyle Golden Globe Party and it was so much fun! Here are a few of my favorite red carpet looks from the big night! Loved Amy Adams, Taylor Swift, Ashley Tisdale, and Vanessa Hudgens! Also totally loved Kelly Osborne and seeing Jared Leto with his MUCH deserved award…. More »

EXCLUSIVE: Thirty Seconds To Mars ‘From The Fans’ Interview

[kaltura id=0_c4tc3iil autoplay=0 type=single]

Right after thier big VMA win, Thirty Seconds To Mars stopped by our New York studio to answer your fan questions. Take a look and see if they…

Buzznet Breakdown: June 30, 2013

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s time for our rundown of last week in this weeks Buzznet Breakdown. Here are our top 10 posts from staff, Buzzmakers, and users! As always, don’t forget to check back…

The Best Band Nail Art

As someone who gets their nails done differently every single month I can appreciate unique, creative and fun nail art! I came across some BAND nail art that really stood out to me and made me happy on the inside. I thought it was so awesome I had to make a gallery that I plan… More »

30 Seconds To Mars Premiere ‘Up In The Air’

30 Seconds To Mars have premiered their short film “Up In The Air,” and apparently it’s going to be a treat. 

“This short film is quite unlike anything we have ever done before. With…

‘My So-Called Life’ Quotes

My So-Called Life is still the best television show that was ever made. It was perfect. I was looking through my journal today and it contains a bunch of quotes from the show. Reading them all again made me want to be back with Jordon and Angela, and have them understand it all for me…. More »

Is This The End of 30 Seconds to Mars?

They may have won big last night at the AMAs, but there’s bigger news to talk about with 30 Seconds to Mars right now.  When they announced their “Church of Mars” show earlier today,…

Shockwaves NME Awards 2011 Winners

NME’s anual awards ceremony took place yesterday, and one of our all time favorite bands My Chemical Romance came away with 2 awards including…

Parent vs. Parent

In honor of Parent’s Day (7/31) we’ve pitted theses celebrity parentals against each other. Also? Hug your mom. Or text message your Dad.

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