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#FBF 9 Supernatural GIFs to Live By

In a time where TV shows come and go on networks and streaming services, it’s crazy to think about how long Supernatural has been on the air. This little CW show about two brothers fighting supernatural forces premiered in 2005! Now, they’ve officially aired 13 seasons. For today’s #FBF, let’s review 9 Supernatural GIFs we should… More »

#FBF – 8 Reasons Dean From Gilmore Girls Was Actually The Worst

With a four-episode revival in the works, everybody has Gilmore Girls on the brain. We’ve talked about Jess in all his glory, but today… let’s talk about our old pal Dean Forester. As we all know, a young Jared Padalecki played Rory’s first boyfriend before joining Supernatural, AKA the show that will probably be on TV FOREVER. At first Dean was supposed to be… More »

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