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Watch: Jared Evan’s Amazing Animated Video For “Kids Forever”

If you’re not familiar with Jared Evan, now’s your chance to not let another second go by without his music in your life. The singer/songwriter, record-producer and rapper just premiered his new video for “Kids Forever,” and it’s basically amazing. Taking a fresh approach to the music video concept, Jared has employed animation to support the play-on-repeat… More »

New Years Resolutions from Jared Evan

Breakout star Jared Evan takes a break from working hard long enough to give us some new years resoultions and reflections.

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Breakout Star Jared Evan Talks To Buzznet About His Style Icons

There are very few truly unique sounds in music these days, but newcomer Jared Evan is certainly making music with a totally different feel. Blending elements of hip-hop,…

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