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Tavi Gevinson’s Magazine is in the Making!

Admit the fact that you’re jealous of Tavi because she’s existed for only 14 years, yet she’s been invited to sit in the FRONT ROW during Fashion Week for a handful of top designers’ shows.…

Gwen makes everything better. Even magazines.

Here I sit, holding the very last issue of Jane Magazine.  Sigh. I was so sad about Jane folding.

But then, (hark!) I read…

Tuesday Buzz 7/10

Andy Samberg doesn’t like living alone. (Pop Bytes)

Is Madonna SERIOUS? (Yeeeah)

James Blunt sold his sister on ebay? (intogossip)

Stalking Fergie. Hey maybe that guy actually knows what the song means?…

Live in the House that Hil Built.

Just kidding, Hilary Duff did NOT build a house. She is in Jane mag’s “30 Under 30” feature, though:

Says the Duffster: <span style="font-style:…

Jane Mag: What’s Your Crime?

The April ’07 issue of Jane graced my mailbox yesterday, and I love love love this photoshoot, so I wanted to share:(click for larger images)I think these two are my fav: So… what’s YOUR crime?…

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