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Babe Alert: 50 Photos Of James Franco

Re featured this in honor of James Franco‘s bday today! Hold on, let me pick my jaw up real fast. Ok, now that I got that taken care of, let me just say James Franco needs to be cloned. Agreed? He seriously is one of my favorite actors, he can model and let’s face it… More »

12 Legendary Hollywood Stars At Home!

Ever wonder what legendary stars like Marliyn Monroe and James Dean‘s homes looked like? I came across a really cool article that showcases 12 stars homes! It is so cool to see how they chose to decorate and make their space personalized. Whose house do you like the best?

Q&A With Time Will Tell’s Christopher Minor

I had the chance to interview my friend Christopher Minor of Time Will Tell. Chris is the lead singer of the band. If you want to hear what this Jake Gyllenhaal/James…

Guess Why James Franco Carved Brad Renfro’s Name Into His Arm

Is there anything James Franco CAN’T do?! We’d like to know! He’s an actor, writer, student, and, more-so these days, an artist. 

James’ latest art project involves carving deceased actor Brad…

R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011)

Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor has passed away at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in California this morning. The actress died from a congestive heart failure, after being hospitalized for six weeks. She was 79.


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