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Yahoo Lists 10 Most Annoying Singers: Lily Allen, Billy Corgan Appear

Normally I don’t pay much attention to lists because, hey, to each their own, but when I came across Yahoo Music‘s 10 Most Annoying Singers I…

James Blunt Thinks Partying is Beautiful

This man sure never wants for women. James Blunt, the British faux-sensitive singer guy, enjoyed playing “musical ladies” this weekend, first at a club in NYC on Friday and then in the Hamptons at a concert on Saturday. James first got his swerve on with Mischa Barton at James Taylor’s… from socialitelife.com

Monday Buzz 6/25

Britney Spears is filing a restraining order… against her MOM. (IntoGossip)

Cameron Diaz offends the entire country of Peru. (The Dirty Disher)

Kill Bill 3… and 4? Yeah, I could…

Thursday Buzz 2/8

Kate Moss jealous of Lily Allen. (postchronicle)
Borat 2?! Ugh. (Defamer)Greys Anatomy is gonna bring back Denny! Poor Izzy. (tvguide)Speaking of anatomy, Cam Diaz is such a lady. (popsugar)Nicole Richie terrified of jail, gets inked in…

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