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What’s The Cast of Twilight Up To?

In 2008, the cast of Twilight was truly everything. RPattz and KStew were basically Hollywood royalty and the supporting cast of vampires and werewolves and normal teens were the talk of the town. After the franchise came to a close with Breaking Dawn Part 2 in 2012, some of our fave YA characters went on… More »

BUZZNET Exclusive: What Celebs Are Thankful For This Year (VIDEO)

Happy Thanksgiving Buzznet loves! It’s the day of turkey (or tofurky) and handing out tons of thankful messages here in the U.S. Before you stuff yourself with delicious goodies

BUZZNET Exclusive: Jackson Rathbone Spills On Final ‘Twilight’ (VIDEO)

By Patty Gopez

The Twilight Saga would be nothing without the vampires – especially the great Cullen family! Buzznet‘s Patty Gopez attended the Breaking Dawn Part 2 L.A. press…

BUZZNET Exclusive: Celebs Chat With Buzznet At The 2012 VMAs (VIDEO)

Oh back to school season – whether you love it or hate it, it can only mean one thing: it’s time for the MTV Video Music Awards! Arguably the most entertaining and…

The Cast of Twilight Re-Casts the Movie with ’80s Stars

What if we could take some of that ’80s teen movie goodness and wrap it around our favorite vampire love story? Moviefone had…

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Jackson Rathbone

Three things we absolutely know about Twilight actor Jackson Rathbone:

1. He’s hot,
2. He’s in a band called 100 Monkeys, and

MTV Movie Awards 2011: Live from the Red Carpet with Jackson Rathbone, Greyson Chance, and More

hey guys…so i hit the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards over the weekend to do interview for buzznet. it was really fun to check out all the fashion from up-close (and all the…

my likes & dislikes of the 2011 MTV movie awards red carpet!

gillian zinser from 90210 looked absolutely gorgeous!! she wore red velvet bell bottoms, an oversized rock tee & a feather head piece!! so killer.. i was obsessed!! second place for me was little mama!! she is hilarious & knows how to accessorize!! my least favorite look of the red carpet would be nina dobrev from… More »

Buzznet Interview With Metric at the Twilight Eclipse Premiere

Metric talks celebrity thumb wars with Buzznet. And a shout out from Jackson Rathbone!

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Interview with Eclipse’s Jackson Rathbone

Eclipse’s Jackson Rathbone teaches Buzznet how to iron together a delicious cheese melt and talks about how he loves punk rock chicks.

Cast Members Breaking Up Before “Breaking Dawn?”

So, MTV has been bragging, a lot, about how little money was used to film the first two films in the Twilight franchise.  This, for them, was good.  Huge profit margin and the ability to…

Jackson Rathbone: Too Pretty For Black Metal

The fine thespian/musician known to you mostly for his role as Jasper Hale in the Twilight Saga was set to take on a role as Varg Vikernes in Lord of Chaos. Can you imagine it?…

Behind the scenes of Jackson Rathbone’s Criminal Minds episode

Criminal Minds 4×20, “Conflicted” featuring Jackson Rathbone. SO GOOD. This makes me think in the next movie, he could play both Jasper and Edward– y/n?

10 Reasons Why The “Eclipse” Movie Will Be Better Than “New Moon”

MTV recently caught up with the hottest Cullen in the clan to get some dirt on forthcoming plots details for Eclipse, the third book-turned-movie in the Twilight saga. Yeah, I know New Moon hasn’t even

Jackson Rathbone Doesn’t Want To Deface Your Face

Listen, Twilight fans, sometimes you just go a little too far. Jackson Rathbone, who plays hot (dare I say hotter than Rpattz?!) bloodsucker Jasper Hale in the movie, will not autograph your face. Or, maybe

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