local legend story…

this is crazy. i created a Local Legend Story with me and ivey. it’s seriously scary. looks like ivey is demon child. that sounds about right…haha! go and create your own HERE and leave me the link to it in the comments. can’t wait to read them all!

the final product

this is the image kid dangerous decided to use for their new shirt line.. fall 2010… gossip girl.. rolling stone.. take it away boys.. xoxo

Hanna Beth & Ivey?

Reblogged from Michael Shirley

Just saw this photo randomly online and thought it was a photo shoot Hanna Beth and Ivey did.  Clearly,…

Best Friends Forever!

Check out all these photos of my best friend Ivey & I from over the years.. Not much has changed.. Well.. Besdies our hair! ha ha xoxo

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