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Item of the Day: Mixtape USB

I haven’t a clue what the music obsessed did before mixtapes existed, honestly. I’ve dedicated a ridiculous amount of time compiling mix cds and iTunes playlist– but now there’s a new kid in town: <a…

Item of the Day: Sticars

Truth: My car is usually too dirty to stick anything on it. BUT if I had a cuter, cleaner car, I would definitely get some of these:

<img style="width: 282px;…

Item of the Day: Nemo Fishbowl

There is no debate today. This is the best, no question:

$48 at Chiasso.

Maybe if I had a cute fishbowl, then all the fishies I had would’ve had the…

Item of the Day: Art by Yellena

Picked up this artist from Shiny Squirrel— I love her work! I know most of you (and uh, me) are not quite in a position to be buying art just yet (a $10…

Item of the Day: Erotokritos Handbag

Yeah, this one nearly falls into the unattainable category because of it’s price tag, but I expect a knockoff shortly:

<div style="text-align:…

Item of the Day: Mediterranean Satin Lace Cami

I can’t decide which color I like better, green or blue I mean Emerald or Teal:

$32, Urban Outfitters (online only). Also comes…

Item of the Day: Bling cuff by H&M

That’d be #8. Only $12.50! I need to get to H&M, STAT. (This is in the June/July issue of Nylon)

Another item I spotted in Nylon…

Item of the Day: Etnies Backpack

I have no pressing need for a backpack since I’m done with school, but if I DID need one, this would be my pick:

A little under $50 on…

Item(s) of the Day: Roxy Dress, Heart bowl

I think I may be developing an obsession with polka dots.

Roxy dress available via Tilly’s.

And something that is sold…

Item of the Day: Blue Glitter Gem

Made by Steven Shein, who does not claim to have brought diamonds back.

Available at Factory People for more than I’d…

Item of the Day: Uncooked Cards

Yeah, I know, snail mail seems like a thing of the past, but sometimes actual paper cards are just a nicer gesture that a hallmark e-card. Except most greeting cards suck, and you…

Item of the Day: Blik Surface Graphics

“Wall Graphic for Commitment Phobics”

I was…

Item of the Day: Shuga Crystal Earbuds

I need me some of these:

Swarovski Crystal Earbuds. Hott.

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