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Want of Xmas, cupcakes and changes

This afternoon I had a test at the university about analysis of movies, I think I’ve been a good test, I feel me almost quiet about it, I’ll tell you the result when the teacher…

EMA 2010 – Live in streaming #1

Well, among less of 10 minutes will start EMA’s 2010, in Madrid, presented by Eva Longoria. I think she’s perfect for this EMA’s, then I love her so much!!! One of the sexiest woman alive!!!



When I was darkness at that time fureteru kuchibiru heya no katasumi de I cry mogakeba mogaku hodo tsukisasaru kono kizu yaburareta yakusoku hurt me Nobody can save me kamisama hitotsu dake tomete saku you na my love *I need your love. I’m a broken rose maichiru kanashimi your song ibasho nai kodoku na my… More »

Japanese Inspiration: Anna Tsuchiya

I think everyone of you know how much I love Japanese culture, well if someone doesn’t know yet, here is the first of a series of blogs dedicated to Japanese world.  I wanna start with…

Passion Photoshop

While i was searching and reorganizing my file on the pc about Audrey, Hanna and the other models which I ispire, I found those old pics I re-edit with Photoshop a lot of years ago……

The time goes by….

It’s passed a lot from the last time I wrote here… but i had a lot of problems in this last month: problems with my pc… only today i had it back; problems with myself…

The most important thing of a destination is the travel…

I’m just come back home from the cinema, I watched “STEP UP 3D”. It’s been really really cool!!! More than 2 movies before! I can’t wait to buy it in dvd!

Everytime I watch a movie,…

The man who owns the world

In occasion of the reissued of “STATION TO STATION” album, English magz NME of October dedicated the cover of the most influential artist of the world, a myth without time who from generations continues to…

David Bowie’s picture portrait @ music store

A couple of weeks ago I was at music store of my city and on the walls are hang a lot of portrait of musicians or actors… I stayed speachless when I saw also one dedicated to David Bowie, my myth xx

Always with me

I love you, my angel

I love these shoes

Completly addicted xp


I’m finally back!!!

I would apologize me with everyone for me absence but in these last weeks I had a lot of problems and I’ve been really busy, and at least my pc didn’t work again…

My song of the week – Week #6

I’m completly addicted to this song, Eminem is a great composer and performer, even though i don’t like so much the choice to create a featuring with Rihanna, but it’s only my personal music taste… i don’t have to say nothing about the song that is amazing!!!! it’s such a hit! LOVE THE WAY YOU… More »

My Top 5 – MJ’s videos

Who’s doesn’t love the King of Pop?

He continues to live among us with his music and his videos, for that reason, this time I decided to do my top 5 about my fav videos about…

Autumn’s Shopping: Extra Chic Details

From lead grey to deep black: the nuance more “in” to wear at your feet, over the shoulder or handheld.


Autumn’s Shopping: Animal Stamps

Bags, shoes and outfits with spotted effect: an obligatory that it’s difficult escape.

<img src=""…

Bill Kaulitz in the Booklet & on the dvd of Dsquared2 (FallWinter 2010)

some caps from the dvd

I’m addicted to… – Week #5

Tootsie Rolls (my friend Celine just sent me another pack xp), incense, Britney Spears’ Blackout…

TREND: A touch of powder

On lingerie, on dresses, also on romantic dresser… the most female of colours is always current

1. Malìparmi necklace

2. Decadent Dusting Powder Juicy Couture

3. Classique X Collection by J.P.Gaultier


My song of the week – Week #5

I love Within Temptation, they are one of my fav bands ever… and this song is awesome… I wanted to dedicated to my 4 angels, Tokio Hotel, because they gave me a lot in those 3 years… Memories – Within Temptation In this world you tried, Not leaving me alone behind. There’s no other way,… More »