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Inspiring Celebrity Words Of Wisdom

When the pressures of life start to get you down, it’s pretty easy to fall into a #dark mindset and find all kinds of ways that the world is against you. The important thing to remember is that you’re pretty freakin’ cool just as you are, and when you are experiencing a down in the… More »

106 Inspirational Quotes On Life And Love

Last night on my way home from Buzznet, I saw a girl on the train who was visibly upset. Her eyes were glassy with tears, she was sniffling, and the look on her face told me the only thing she wanted to do was get home so she could let out all the crying she was holding inside…. More »

Inspirational Quotes: Britney Spears

Here I am with a new inspirational quotes gallery, after Lea Michele‘s one, I picked my Goddess Britney and few of her best quotes ever about life, love, her kids and more. I always looked at her as an inspiration. She went through so many things in her life and she can speak about a… More »

Demi Lovato’s 10 Most Inspirational Quotes

There’s no doubt that Demi Lovato is an inspiration to all women! Through her struggles, then and now, she continues to show us that we are capable of being strong independent women, leading us by example and overcoming her personal struggles. Today the inspirational entertainer’s says goodbye to her teens and turns 20! In honor… More »

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