Feeling Lucky? Show Us ANY “13” Themed Photo And You Could Win An Amazing LA Getaway!

Does the number “13” freak you out? Do you call in sick on the 13th day of the month?  Do you pass up ordering a “baker’s dozen” donuts despite the delicious value?…

Want To Win A Trip To LA? Just Share Your Scariest Childhood Memory For A Chance To Win!

Being a kid rocks. It can also be scary as hell. A dark hallway. Clowns.

There’s Still TIme To Show Us The Scariest Thing In Your Closet!

We know it’s scary inside your closet, but there’s swag and a trip to LA on the line here!

Got Something Scary In Your Closet? Send Us A Pic For A Chance To Win a Haunting Trip to Los Angeles for Two

We’ve got another chance for you to snag a sweet trip to Los Angeles for two, or a load of cool swag from the new movie Insidious: Chapter 2 – including signed…

Scare The Living Crap Out Of Us For A Chance To Win A Trip To LA for Two!

Here at Buzznet, we like to find creative ways to give you free stuff. Awesome free stuff. The best swag money can’t buy.

Over the next seven weeks, you’re gonna have a chance to…

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