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Babe Alert: Bradley Soileau

I have been keeping my eye on this tattood babe who goes by the name of Bradley Soileau for a while now! I honestly think I saw him on some Tumblr post a whillllle back and then saw him in a few of Lana Del Rey‘s music videos. If you have yet to see him… More »

Tattoo Artist Spotlight: Michael Blackstone

Hey all, I have told you all many many times that I am not only covered in tattoos that mean the world to me but I LOVE then in general. To me tattoos are a form of art that showcase an important event or memory in your life. Whether it is a fun “crew” tattoo… More »

Justin Bieber Gets A Koi Fish Tattoo

Justin Bieber is not afraid of the tattoo gun that is for sure. The 19-year-old singer debuted his 13th tattoo, of a koi fish, this…

Show Us Your Tatts: Trace Cyrus

As you all know I am constantly posting about tattoos and music because those seem to be two of the main things in my life that I always love. I have done a few “Show Us Your Tatts” posts in the past featuring our faves and their ink! This time I am showing off Trace… More »

Would You Ever Get A Band Tattoo?

I am a huge fan of tattoos hence why I have a ton all over the place. I got my first tattoo the day after my 18th birthday and 5 years later I…

36 Of The Most Breathtaking Tattoos

I am not only covered in tattoos but have been a huge tattoo fan before the needle ever touched my skin. There is something so beautiful about the idea of committing to something forever that means so much to you and trusting that someone else can convey your vision as an image. I also can’t… More »

Show Us Your Tatts: Feat. Pete Wentz

It has been a while since I have done a feature on the topic of one of my favorite things ever, tattoos. I personally am addicted to them and have got quite the collection. In honor of Fall Out Boy‘s reunion I HAD to do this one on Pete Wentz. I feel like we have… More »

50 Dr. Seuss Inspired Tattoos

With Dr. Seuss‘ birthday this past weekend, we decided to check out some amazing tattoos inspired by his legendary stories. Take a look and see if you can tell which stories inspired these amazing pieces of body artwork. Which is your favorite? And for more on tattoos, check out Buzznet‘s round up of our favorite… More »

Which One Direction Members Got Stabbed In Their Hotel Room?!

To be a celebrity in the public eye can be pretty dangerous these days! Celebs need to be on the lookout – and boy banders One Direction are no exception! We…

Fans Show Off Their Demi Lovato Inspired Tats

Last night on The X Factor USA we all met a contestant who has been inspired by Demi Lovato to follow her dreams and stay strong. Demi has been open with her fans regarding her struggle with bullies and issues with self-esteem. She has been though a rough few years, but has stayed focused, humble… More »

50 Of The Craziest FACE Tattoos Ever!

Whowtown. I was strolling and trolling through Tumblr this weekend and came across some crazy face tattoos! I think it’s so crazy to tattoo your face. Would you guys ever do it? IF you did what would you get? xx

Get Inked: Traditional Style Tattoos

Hey guys, So in honor of my new bold tattoo I just got on my hand I was looking up other people’s tattoos! I have always loved the ocean and everything nautical! If you don’t know too much about tattoo history, one of the oldest styles of tattoos are “Sailor Jerry” or “Traditional”, my favorite… More »

American Themed Tattoos

I decided since the 4th Of July is right around the corner and I do love tattoos, I’d make a gallery of some American themed tattoos! Some are funny and some are breath taking and powerful either way they are all extremely American haha! Would YOU ever get an American Flag tattoo?

Celebrities With Ink: Which Tattoos Are Your Favorite?

Check out some of the ink your favorite celebrities have! I love all of Rihanna’s tattoo’s.. Who’s tattoos are your favorite? xoxo

Models’ Ink: A Gallery of Tattooed Catwalk Queens

Thanks to the miracles of modern make-up (and of course, our pal Photoshop) many of these top models’ tattoos have gone unnoticed and unadmired. We’re here to change that. Here is a breakdown of some of our favorite strutters’ skin ink. Comment on your favorite!

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These are my tattoos as of now

1.) a swallow [on my forearm] (represents me)<span style="font-family:…

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