Is This Michelle Williams Native American Inspired Magazine Cover Offensive?

Here we go again! This past year there have been some pretty degrading uses of Native American culture including No Doubt’s Looking Hot Video and Victoria’s…

Ashton Kutcher’s Ad Removed After Racist Outcry

Just yesterday, Ashton Kutcher’s Popchips ad released online where he is seen portraying very different characters looking for love on a fictitious dating service. Although, yes, it was funny, many people have taken offense because of one of the personas he played: a brownfaced, Indian Bollywood producer named Raj. The other personas included a fashionista,… More »

Photos from Katy Perry’s Western Belated Birthday Party

Shaming themed parties everywhere, Katy Perry lived out a toddler’s dream by having a raging cowboy and indian western themed birthday party. While Katy’s actual birthday is October 25th, all of her pals gathered on 11-11-11 to celebrate. In true LA fashion the COBRASNAKE was there to snap photos just like at KP’s past paint… More »

Under the Table: Vintage, Hippie and Native American Trends!

Get a load of this awesome new collection, Under the Table, designed by California native Jillian Kate! I’m in love at first site at this line which blends vintage California, hippie and Native American trends. I can even see a glimpse of 90s grunge in there! The collection is set to launch in the spring/summer… More »

Scribbles Caught in a Spiderweb

So I had some free time yesterday and went back on Scribbler to make some new awesome drawings. If you haven’t yet been on this site you…

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