independence day

Celebrity Icons Flaunt Their Fourth Of July Style

Let these amazing looks serve as inspiration.

Jeffree Star Shows Off His Independence

Today is July 4th. The day where we all get together and celebrate our independence, show our pride and light off sparklers and fireworks! I of course take it to the next level always and go the extreme when it comes to holidays and fashion SO…Enjoy 😉 What are your plans today?

These Athletes Show Off Their American Pride!

As I mentioned before I am team U.S.A across the board. Not only do I represent the U.S.A as an olympic fencer BUT I of course love this country outside of my sport. I am not alone, these fellow athletes in this gallery were captured showing off their American pride!  Take a look through the… More »

Independence Day Gifs To Get Down With

It’s here! Pump up some Miley Cyrus “Party In The USA” and scroll down to see all the GIFS of the most American movie ever! Okay, not really but it has some amazingly dramatic moments…

40 Celebrities Being Patriotic

The American flag print has been a very popular fashion trend this year with many celebrities joining in on the trend to to show their American pride. With the Fourth of July just around the corner, I thought I would share with you 40 celebrities who are being patriotic!            … More »

Flashback Friday: 10 Out-Of-This-World Alien Movies

Before there was Avatar and even before there was Star Wars, there was John Carter. John Carter was first introduced in 1911 in the novels by Edgar…

America The Beautiful: Patriotic Nail Art

Celebrate this beautiful country of ours…on your fingertips! Chow down at your July 4th BBQ with some glitz and glam fireworks on those paws or maybe some red, white and blue? Here are some inspirational patriotic digit decorations:


This is what my neighborhood sounded like on the 4th. My neighbors are a little crazy as always. There is mostly sound until around the 2 1/2 minute point it’s where you will see visual fireworks and strangely a small plane was going over at the same time. I was standing right in my yard… More »

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