Bad-Ass Ladies To Celebrate on International Women’s Day

As you may have seen on the Google homepage today, it’s International Women’s Day! As I think we all know, it’s the ladies who make-a-da-world go round so let’s take a look at some of the boss females who have gotten us to this point. Who run the world? GIRLS. I couldn’t include EVERYONE, did… More »

Here Comes The Sun.

Just ordered these John Lennon sunglasses on Topshop for just 15 dollars! HOLY. I’m so obsessed, and can’t wait to receive these bad boys. Buy them here!

Sexy Halloween Style Icons

With Halloween being only 17 days away, we are all in need of some major costume inspiration. As Mean Girls so flawlessly pointed out, Halloween has become a cheap excuse for attention starved and usually dignified girls to wear lingerie thinly veiled as a costume. You ain’t foolin me ladies! But then again, I guess… More »

My Fashion Icons

My fashion icons range from bubblegum pop princesses to Grunge queens…I guess BubbleGoth is a mixture of them all…ravers and goths all in the same pot <3 Take a look at all these fierce girls that have influenced my style and sound off about your fashion icons in the comments. X.

CM Punk Icons & Gifs & Banners


           I love Cm Punk! He’s hot,he’s talented & different from most of the other wrestlers.So for other CM Punk fans I’ve went around & collected as many icons,gifs,banners as I could.I will be adding…

Cute Avril Lavigne Icons!

                    I’ve got new and the bests Avril icons in town.I made them GIFS with my most loved GIF making site….www.fotline.com.Warning,they tag whatever’s made there and if you don’t mind that then go check the…

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