i dont love you

my version of i dont love you

i think its better..if u dont watch the vid coz its blurryy…so hear me singing..haha

i d0nt l0ve you..(sliced talong’s version -i wr0te this-)

we sang this in our tour..hahaha…i wrote this c0z im sad on that time..but n0w i ffeel s0 happy!!!s0 i put it here..and p0st it t0 all 0f u!!yahooooooo!!!!!!



when ur married


Sad realities that is hard to accept,hard to forget but i must…


first of all,im not doing well!


but pr0mised,im okay!

i just wanna say that now,

i admit,im accepting it,that i have t0 let  g0  0f  gee…


then ur asking me why…

“i dont l0ve y0u”-the real vide0 of this s0ng

itz the mcr’s latest vide0.,why n0t?itz very beautiful….kn0w wat?i want t0 cry and i wanna die wen i saw a ring on gee’s finger..ouch..is it a engagement ring..?or wedding ring???nooooooooooooo XD

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